Online pharms with previous script.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by BlackIce, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. For the past couple years my doc has been more than happy to supply me with a 60 tab 2-3 refill bottle of Ultrams anytime I needed them. I just ran out of health insurance and used up my last script (was paying $20.00 a bottle without insurance).

    If I place an order for some Ultrams at an online pharm. will all they do is call the Doc to make sure it's something I've had, so on and so forth?

    Just looking for input.
  2. Make sure its a legit place, and you can probably get Ultram without a script online.

    Otherwise they will call or fax your doc and get the script.
  3. I had the script for a year and a half, maybe 2 years, but just ran out out of refils. You think he'd approve it? Any time I asked he'd be like "Oh yeah man we can set you up." It was fuckin great, but those 60 tabs last me a week, so I have to go from 6 pills a day to 0 cold turkey for 2 weeks, this time until I get more.

    I'll try when I get my tax return :p
  4. ya,that's tru,i have a broken fucking leg for god fucking sake,an i still cant get any opiates all because stupid fucking medical history im gonna end up suing someone its ridiculous.

    and kein your new avatar is cool but i barley noticed you with out the punk dude in with a mohawk lol.
  5. OP, I'd say just try and get a script for something new and better like vicodan. Just go back to the doc if you can and tell him that the ultram isn't doing anything for your pain anymore.

    And ^, I've been changing it around with all kinds of O RLY? shit haha.
  6. lol ya that's cool i should change my avatar everyone tells me i look like jesus lol.

    and OP i agree a 100% with kein over there,you need to get some real narcotics,so next time you see your doc put a little act on tell him its been hurting like a bitch,an that your meds aren't doing shit anymore,an if all goes well..enjoy your script of hydros or oxys,maybe morphine but i highly doubt it lol.

    also your doc seems pretty cool so i would say you wont have to bad of a problem getting what you want

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