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Online petition to re-legalize marijuana

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by see_weed_legal, Jan 14, 2003.

  1. Just The Facts 420 support the cause! This is my online petition I created to re-legalize Marijuana (it was legal before 1938), and contains some very interesting and important facts. Please read, sign (if u agree), and pass this to a friend in need. Every vote counts @
  2. signed....good facts as well......Peace out...Sid
  3. Some interesting facts for sure, I hope everyone here takes a few moments to check this out and support the cause..
  4. Hopefully this petition does something, but like most petitions, I dont think this will do much. Good luck! And maybe we can change American propoganda.
  5. On-line petition? Interessssting.

    I wonder how mugh weight it can even carry? You can post any name you want, and can post as many "signatures" as you want.

    My take: If a petition is going around in your community, where you actually have to be a registered voter and have to actually prove your identity... then sign that one.

    "Petitions" like these are helpful though. It's especially helpful when people who don't even smoke sign it. ;)

    After a while, our governments just have to realize we aren't buying their shit and we know weed isn't as bad as they are trying to make it.
  6. Online petitions, no matter how many signatures you collect, are worth less than one real signature on paper. You should really get up and do some work, anything online wont help a bit.
  7. true, aiyo, but it doesnt hurt to sign in
    you got my sig

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