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online ouija board

Discussion in 'General' started by ReeferMadness69, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. ask this bitch a question. it seems to be always right

    i said, am i high on marijuana? it said no. correct
    then i said, am i durnk? it said yes, correct
    i said what makes this board works? it said cannot say...freaky.
  2. lol..didnt work for me :(
  3. I move the mouse myself? What am I supposed to do, answer my own questions?
  4. When the answer "no" was revealed when I asked the question "Is the sky blue", I was done. Good find though, I hope it works better for others.
  5. lol wtf my answer was like wiopsfd
  6. How do you guys gets answers? Aren't you moving the mouse yourself?
  7. lol yea thats what i did and my answer camed out to be rougq346jyrg or something random and stupid like that haha

  8. LMAO!!! :D

    I asked the same question twice and was like, WTF???

    I came back to the thread and read your post again. That sucks! I had an important question too but it's no fun if I have to scam myself. Damn! :p
  9. I cant figure out how to get answers...
  10. that shit is wack.
  11. I tried in Firefox to no avail, although it worked in Internet Explorer, this may be the problem.

  12. ^thanks man, yeah it worked on IE
  13. AHA! IE...makes sense. Thanks! :)
  14. two words: wack.
  15. Ahh, Works in IE. Shits dumb.

  16. Lmfao, yah man..mine was llike wadopew i was lik WHAT! this thing is trippy! lol..
  17. ya now that ive sobered up its pretty retarded.

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