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Online Ouija Board.... actually... freaked me out?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by PhillieBluntCP, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. Okay so i was reading Ouija board stories, and one of them was from someone who did it online who got a really weird conversation with the board so I'm high and by myself so i figured i'd give it a shot
    I am extremely high, and not just took a hit high, like smoked an entire blunt to the face high

    The Online Ouija (WeeGee) Board - Free Virtual Ouija - Dare You Play?

    here's the link. One of them freaked me out. It knew what color shirt i had on, and Said its name was Ira. I asked Ira a little later on if she was really Ira. It said no. I asked why it lied to me, and it said "to hurt you" and then i said why? and it said "evil"

    At the same time as that i hear my cat bug out at nothing, lol i know that its not from this shit, but it freaked me out so badly, i almost shit my pants

    I'm like sweating from this shit idk why, fucking internet ghost saying they wanna hurt me


  2. Bro.. You just made me turn the fuckin light on no joke im fuckin scared.

  3. hahahaha i can't tell if thats sarcasm or not but if its not

    DUDE!!!!!! its scary shit lol i'm freaked the fuck out!!!! I would never think in a million years that shit would scare me cause its online, but it literally sent shivers down my spine when my cat bugged
  4. fuck that screaming shit.
  5. OK at first I was like .hahah but now im scared wtf, wtf

    someone explain this !
  6. this is crap. i used it and it couldnt come up with any decent answers? i asked it if it was retarded and it said yes. i asked how old i was and even tho u tell it when u go into it, it still gave the wrong answer. fuck this shit.
  7. that fuckin baby thing makes me jump hahaha

    And to the person above this post yeah it is shit, Ur just obviously not high enough to enjoy it haha
  8. dude lmao i just tried this shit out. this is exactly what happened...

    What is your name? Pearl
    Is your name Pearl? 11
    What does 11 mean? 12 55 am(the time it was atm)
    Are you gay? Yes

    then i exited.:smoke:

  9. Bro, I'm way to stoned to drive to the devils house

  10. #10 PhillieBluntCP, Jul 4, 2010
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    LOL, dont want to talk to a gay online ghost eh?

  11. how did you die? doctor
    what happened? shot
    like with a needle, or a gun? 9:33 pm
    ITS 9:33 AM!
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    Me: Are you gay?
    Spirit: No.
    Me: You can tell me the truth, are you gay?
    Spirit: Yes.
    Me: HAHAHA!!!

    I asked if I have ever had a heart attack and it said yes. Pretty spooky if you ask me knowing that I have never had a heart attack. :eek:
    I also asked how my grandmother died. It said she was hanged. She died 4 something years ago and had a heart attack in my house.
  13. A computer program that knows what time it is? I call bs

    Creepy stuff but falls under the same techniques as that crossing over guy. Generic questions easily answered. If you get too specific, it refuses to answer. Entertaining for about 5 min. Then again when you messed with a real ouija board, this is pretty boring
  14. I had to laugh a little, I said fuck this at the end and it said good bye.

  15. Haha, man fuck real ouija boards, i dont want a damn demon or whatever the fuck it is to come through and anally rape me for the rest of my life.

    the real ones are scary as SHIT
  16. are you gay? yes
    are you really really gay? no
    what time is it? 12:26pm

    tricycle goes by

    do you like little boys? yes
    are you a woman? yes
    are you a man? yes
    do you like candy? yes

  17. some people think its all fun and games, but real ouijea boards can mess with you. I have very unique beliefs but yes, i know for a fact that demons can actually mess with you. My girlfriends cousin was told that she needed to be murdered from a real board. just ask yourself fellow intelligent stoners..a board gets that specific..coincidence? cmon...its an intelligent being that knows what you are all about. i believe that when the demons were cast out of heaven they live with us on earth until the end, which is exactly what it says in the bible. i smoke my weed and dont TOUCH that spiritistic shit. not even the movies and stuff, it can fuck with you.
  18. lol, i asked it its name, it said tired. i said, why is your name tired? then tired said 3.
  19. haha this is pretty cool. i hate that face that comes up though. freaked me out lol
  20. [​IMG]

    Faker than the "real" ones.

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