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online headshops that use paypal

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by curiousaboutbud, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. does grasscity use paypal? if not can you guys give me links to online headshops that do?
  2. help would be greatly appreciated! :]
  3. Not to be a smartass, but in the 4 hours it took for me to answer your question (no, they don't accept PayPal), you could've looked at their FAQ page and gotten your answer in 30 seconds lol

    Unless you were high, then youre excused lol
  4. ebay but its hard to get anything good that doesnt get taken off
  5. use paypal virtual credit card (plugin) and you can use it with all sites that accept credit cards
  6. you beat me to it lol. that's what I was gonna say.
  7. Yes... the paypal plugin is great.

    Paypal doesn't allow sales of "tobacco pipes" through them, so it's doubtful that you'll find a headshop that takes it. '

    If you run out of options, and you're just looking for a small glass pipe/spoon or maybe a bubbler you could try www.etsy.com. It's kind of like a big, online craft marketplace, but there are some glassblowers on there, and some of them take Paypal. Just do a search for "glass pipe".
  8. i agree, do a search on www.etsy.com for glass pipe. there are some great glassblowers who list their work there for discounts.
  9. dont worry just buy a pipe from here no one will fraud you get identity theft protection

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