Online dating..Does it work? My expeirence

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  1. Well, as of recently, Ive been very put off with the dating scene. After a string of unsuccessful girlfriends, and a horrible attempt to drown my lonliness in fleeting intimacy. I decided to try online dating, which previously I viewed to be used by online predators and losers who couldn't pick up a girl.

    So I signed up to a couple of free ones, made a profile, and waited.

    Well, last night, the girl that I had been messaging recently, this beautfiul raven haired mother, decided she wanted to meet, go on a date. She had her son though, so I suggested a play date for our sons at the park,( which has this cool kid pool with all these water toys, and 2 inches of water so they dont drown)..I brought some cucumber tomato sandwhiches since she is a vegan..

    She looked absolutely stunning, which was a fear, after hearing horror stories of fake pictures, in a sexy swimsuit..Our sons had a great time playing with each other, and we had some great conversations. She had a head on her sholders, and loves to debate. I was getting more and more turned on by this girl, and can tell we had some great chemistry.

    Then the big bombshell fell, when she asked me if I smoked. Bam, this girl is a toker, when she doesnt have her son. Im thinking in my head, Ive hit the jackpot. There has to be something wrong with her

    But as of yet, I havent really seen anything to scare me. Im going to her house tonight, smoke some good green I picked up, and watch our favorite movies.

    Really cheesy, I know, but this seems like it could turn into something. perhaps the intamacy I am looking for.

    All in all, online dating isnt for everyone. It takes a good profile, and following your first instinct.
  2. Good to hear you're happy, man. Stay smiling.
  3. Good for you man. :)
  4. i was ready for the part where you tell us she has a penis or something. glad to hear it isnt one of those kinds of threads:wave:
  5. lol there are free ones? I thought all of em either scammed you or cost money :smoke:
  6. Stories like this make my heart happy!
  7. oh my god marry that bitch right now!

    just kidding though,

    a head is one of the important features i look for in a woman.
  8. Yeah, good head is a must.

  9. hah when u said she asked if u smoked i thought that was wear u were gonna tell us the date fell apart good luck w/ her man sounds like a winner
  10. When you open her door, you walk into an african diamond mine. But seriously, sounds like she is an amazing woman and I wish the best of luck to you both.
  11. thanks everyone..i need some good karma has been biting my butt lately, and i want this to go well..

    have a good night blades..:smoke:
  12. lol thanks for answering my question?? ^
  13. My girlfriend and I met online.

    Yesterday was our 3 year anniversary.

    and youngbeast there are plenty of free ones.... but all the ones I know are glbt... so i'll let someone else hook you up.
  14. I'm glad to hear you're happy, man. That's the most important thing. Good for you.
  15. good luck..have a good time :wave:
  16. Damn Melkor, I'm happy for you. Glad to see you find a chick who sounds so cool. Have fun, dude!
  17. According to some big online survey by Esquire or Cosmo or whatever magazine, 25% of women surveyed had tried online dating. Of course, those were women who take online surveys, but it is probably a lot more common than people think. Apparently there are a quite a few women looking for guys online, contrary to the widely held belief that there are no women on the Internet, only guys pretending to be women. I still don't habeeb it.
  18. Well..update from tonight..I went to her house, a lovely two bedroom place..we watched oceans 13, and smoked a few joints of some real cuddly under the covers..she smelled so good, apples and lavender..:rolleyes:

    After that, we opened a bottle of wine, and this girl asks me if I want to play a board game. So she runs to her closet and brings out STRATEGO!! It was awseome, except for the fact that she beat me, and Id like to consider myself an exellent strategist. It was so cute, her face was all serious and contemplative, but dressed in this sexy gossamer dress. It was an oxymoron, a very sexy one. We took our time, we sat on the deck and kissed for quite some time.

    Knowing her boundaries, and respecting the fact that she wanted to take it slow..knowing full well this girl is a lady in public, and a fucking porn star in bed..I kissed her goodnight, and came back here, squeezing one off, and im smoking the last of my eighth, hoping some other blade got laid
  19. aw good for you! it's hard picking out the right one on a dating site but glad everything seems to be working out for you! i've done some online dating and i think it does work because there are still a lot of single people out there looking for love.
  20. my boyfriend and i met online doesnt matter where youll meet the long as you click with each other....

    ps. she sounds great..i hope thinks will work out for you!!

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