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Online College

Discussion in 'General' started by Drummaboy2345, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. I graduated earlier this year from high school. I was supposed to enroll at Bay Community College, where I used to live, but I had to move because my family was moving and my roomate ditched on the house project we were considering... (You know, get a house together, go to school, work all that stuff)

    So we moved 80 miles north. I like the place I am and everything, but I wish I didn't live so far away from the city sometimes. For example, I live 50 miles away from the nearest college, which is NMU (Northeren Michigan University). I used to go to an academy called UB. At UB, we were able to live in the dorms they have there, and take classes there n stuff for free ( which was awesome don' get me wrong..).

    I hated the dorms they have there, I really don't want to go back to it, if i go to NMU. I didn't mind having a roomate, I actually kinda liked it. I didn't like the dorms cause the beds were uncomfortable, you weren't allowed to bring anything in to decorate (which is ridiculous imo), All the furniture was basically shot, the dorm "leaders" were douchebags, there was no air conditioning, and the dorms were insulated horribly (I live in a place where snow can be well over 4 feet).

    I am considering taking my classes online. Because, well, I wouldn't have to drive 50 miles to go to school everyday. I could get up at my own time, and do my thing at my own time. I don't have to live in those dorms. I LOVE learning online. I feel sometimes that I learn more efficiently, about the stuff I'm learning online, rather than to be sitting at a desk and learn the same thing. Comprehending material online is not a big problem for me, as I used to study in highschool online more often than studying with a book.

    I feel that taking classes online will be easier for me because I live so far away.

    What are you guys' opinions on online classes vs real college classes? What are the pros and cons?

    I would love to go to college, and get my degree, I just want to know what's right for me.

  2. I just realized that that last bit rhymed! Woo
  3. Online collage got pro's and con's like everything.

    Pro: get your paper's, live your life, happy chill time

    Con: meet no one, learn jack shit, miss the "collage" experiance, you will never be able to really say " i went to collage and partied and got laid in the upstairs student union bathroom, still dont know that chick's name... "

    just saying.
  4. Lol, well I can still party and everything, NMU is a party school, I know a lot of people who go there just for the parties lmao.
  5. How do people that go to "collage" not learn how to spell college
  6. The lack of College "experiance" or experience. :D
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    I'm taking my first online class this semester. I like it. Depending on the class, you could easily breeze through it without actually retaining any information just to get a good grade... Or you actually can learn something. It's really up to you. If you want to finish a class and actually have something to show for it other than a grade, it does take more effort (IMO) to really retain information you teach yourself.

    One of my favorite things about the online class is that it's on my schedule. Our "assignments" for the week are posted on Monday and are due the following Monday. So I can do them basically whenever I want. I already work full time, so it's a big relief to not have to wake up early every morning to drive to a classroom.

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