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Discussion in 'General' started by Deutschbag, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Do any of you have experience with online college classes and how they work?

    I have to take some online classes this year and have no experience with them.

    Are they hard?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Bump anyone have any experience with online classes?
  3. Yeah man, I took some online college courses. They aren't that bad, depends on what you are looking for. Some online classes are 'hybrids' (a term im sure all of us gc-ers are aware of) meaning that you go to class at the school and work at home. Some are just pure stay at home and smoke a bowl and do your homework. Trust me, find the classes where you don't have to go anywhere, they are totally chill. Take some courses at Barstow Community College, they transfer everywhere and are pretty cool. Profs are chill.

  4. Was it hard to self motivate yourself?

  5. Some weeks I would slack off the readings, but I pulled a B in both my econ classes which is cool :D. I'm going to re-read the books again because it is for my major.

    Motivation is key. Especially when you don't have much else but the deadlines the prof gives you. So the best thing I found to do was to find out what the week's assignment was, get it done by like wednesday then toke up as a reward. Sometimes toking helps with analytical thinking for me. But yeah, just keep short weekly goals for yourself, smoke bowls for rewards, you'll be fine my man. :smoke:

  6. Thanks bro. Now all I have to do is find some weed. haha
  7. Yeah man i take several online at this very moment. Any classes where i have to sit through boring lectures (psychology) or just write essays in (journalism or English comp) i take online because its just as easy and i ain't got to run around using gas to get to class.
  8. Stay away from English classes if you can for the semester (or are you taking them for longer?). It's difficult enough if you are living at home and surrounded by friends, I can't imagine having a job at the same time, you would have practically no free time. :eek:
  9. Shit i got an A in english comp on line, it only takes an hour or so to write an essay. easiest class i ever took.
  10. I just took a few online classes last semester. It was pretty easy considering you work at your own pace. But that can be a negative thing, too. I'm the kind of guy who is really lazy and will do enough just to get by. So as long as you keep yourself motivated with the work and don't get lazy, you should be fine.

    I love not having to drive to school and spend hours in a class when I can just do it from my house while smoking a blunt. =D

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