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  1. there's this website, where it gives you one word to write about for 60 seconds. i wanna see what everyone else can write! i know you all can do it. get on it, write, then post your story here!
  2. at first a virus phisher popped up.

    then i tried again and i got

    i wrote
    light bright warm feeds nourishes strong healing seeing god energy
  3. I got sunlight too.

    Sunlight. Sunlight is the lamp of the world. It warms us like a heatlamp warms burgers. The bright bulb will eventually diminish and go out, and that will be the end. Of everything. In our solar system. It is the basis of all life, and the reason for existance of everything on this planet. Maybe the mayans were right.
  4. the word is the same for everyone.

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