oneanother more effective than oneself .. ?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Gri77oN, Sep 22, 2003.

  1. I just had this revelation that I wanna share and put down on paper.

    I was trying to define how the power I have works.
    The power I have reffering to the fact that I can luv.

    I'll define that:
    to luv is to have positive emotions (you may call that good vibes, the Force, karma, whatever your system of belief rely uppon) directed at someone/something.
    When aware, you can feel an infinitly small return you get, thus when spreading luv all around, then you get good vibes from all around.

    Well I was tring to define how can I /use/ that power.
    I know what it does: it brings the target closer to happyness.

    But how do I do it?

    deeply meditating about that question, trying to put words on the kowledge that inhabits my very life, this remark came to me:

    I cannot luv myself.

    surely i can easily hate myself (for stopping martial arts for exemple, or being too fat or whatever), but to /luv/ myself?
    I can be proud of my achievements, my goals, etc
    I can /like/ my appearance.
    I can enjoy my personality (although I am not sure I am aware of it, but that's another thing)
    but I cannot send myself good vibes.
    I mean yeah I can tell myself I'm gonna make it, whatever the struggle, but it's just a moral help; on the other hand if I say the same thing to someone struggling, I realy send him good vibes, not only moral, it's more than that, much more.

    could that mean..


    hummmm .. feels i'm close to something good here..

    I truely believe that more good can be obtainned by thinking about others first. So that may be just another way to say it, but it's more than that.

    but what about martial arts, and physical achevments in general? isn't the way athletes surpass themselves, and push the limits futher not only a work of the physical body, but also of the mind and soul? if so could that be define as turning luv towards oneself?

    could that mean I've stopped martial arts to be able to give more to others?..

    on another hand, certain achievments that are strictly mental/intellectual can be also done through surpassing one's physical limit..

    It's quite blurry but I see a connection between all this, I can really define what I'm seeing..

    all theses are achievment that force the respect, but my question is what would outcome of a community that would direct such energy towards oneanother instead of themselves ?..
    let's put an image easier to grasp:

    in a village where there a 20 kids, each want to study a different job, what if all parents helps one way or another all the kids?

    I guess I'm sharing this because I'd love to hear other people say they have come to roughly the same conclusion although through other paths.

    the conclusion being that by helping other the rewards is greater then by helping oneself.

    do I make any sense at all?
  2. sort of

    I think to lov others you must first lov yourself. If you cant lov yourself how can you lov another. If you cant lov what you are a human, life, how can you lov another. I think you must truely lov what you are before you can know the full potential of this power as you call it.

    love and hate are very powerful words and to put these words into actions on others you must first put them into actions in yourself so you can understand what it is to love and hate.

    I belive this is why I can not love another human because I cant love myself as a human but I can hate because I hate what we have become.
  3. well actually i wouldn't say I luv myself (_I'd like to be taller_); but I know I don't hate myself...

    and NO THERE ARE NO CONDITIONS WHATSOEVER that are needed to be able to love. this is just an excuse people give themselves. (IMHO)
  4. sure anybody can love but can we all truely love

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