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  1. i was siting there the other night fliping through my vhs collection (yeah, thats right, im a bum) and i found a movie i hadnt watched in years, i got nearly all the jokes, 3 inparticular that made me piss myself laughing:
    1) Dusty Rust-eze: Thanks to you, Lightning, we had a banner year!
    Rusty Rust-eze: I mean, we might even clear enough to buy you some headlights!
    Dusty Rust-eze: Are you saying he doesn't have headlights?
    Rusty Rust-eze: That's what I'm tellin' ya - it's just stickers!
    Lightning McQueen: [bored] Well, you know, race cars don't need headlights, because the track is always lit.
    Dusty Rust-eze: Well, so is my brother, but he still needs headlights!
    2) after the first race, mia and tia flash there tittys at lightning!:hello: Google Images "katchow!!!
    and 3) Sally: That's OK, Stickers. You can take Bessie.
    Mater: Oh, man, you get to work with Bessie! I'd give my left two lugnuts for somethin' like that!
  2. haha yeah there's always some adult humor in pixar films

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