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  1. A friend and I have decided to go backpacking tomorrow. My dad has 400 acres of river bottom land, half of which is entirely woods. So, we are gathering tents, food and what little necessities we can carry on our backs and journeying 15+ miles into the woods. So far our plans are to start out tomorrow afternoon and walk about 6 miles into nature, as far away from civilization as we can get, set up camp, then cook dinner over an open fire. We're going old school, preparing all of our food on the journey, no freeze dried foods or instant meals. Then we will continue the walk when we wake up the next day, and continue hiking for a couple days. But who knows, we may stay out there for a week. We want to get in touch with nature, smoke some bud, and do a bit of soul searching. Anyone else do this? I find that it is a really good experience to get out and find yourself within natures boundaries. :smoke:
  2. Sounds awesome, I always found hiking about 8 miles a day was nice, lets you get some good hiking in, not so much you'll be to tired to set up camp and play around though.

    When I did AT we hiked about 9-10 a day and it was just fine.

    Nothing like getting out into the wilderness and getting in touch with nature, I haven't hiked long distance in almost a year due to knee injury but once I'm done rehabilitating it I plan on getting back out on them trails hopefully the PCT next :)

    What are you going to do for food? You plan on fishing/catching?

    You should think about lots of protein, peanut butter, nuts, maybe take Chia seeds/Flax too.

    Have fun out there, be safe, stay hydrated.

  3. unfortunately some big rain clouds have delayed my start, so it might have to wait till later today or tomorrow morning. ive got oats, powdered milk, biscuit mix and flour for biscuits and gravy, instant coffee, lots of oranges, peanut butter & crackers, tuna in pouches, plenty of pastas, potatoes, bouillon cubes for flavoring, and dry soup mixes. and 4 gallons of water. I doubt we'll do any fishing because we're going into the woods away from the river, but just incase ive packed stuff to make fishing poles. also got a 16x16 tarp to keep our campsite in the dry. big chance of rain everyday for a while.
  4. The local news the next day

    "And the bodies of four teenagers were found today, it would appear they got high, ate all there food in the period of there first night and got lost when looking for a fast food restaurant, a local woman reports seeing the teenagers knocking on her barn door windows screaming "WE WANT CHEESEBURGERS!" a sad day in humanity indeed.

    In other news marijuana has been found to liberate you from the cooperate sheep pen we're all stuck in."


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