One will live, one will die... one just looks f**ked! aka help on cloning please!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by naughty0, May 15, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, 60 hours ago I had a horible horrible accident... One of the mirrors in my grow room fell over and snapped the stem of one of my plants.

    Now this plant was a wierd one anyway, it was the runt of the batch (KC Leda Uno) & had forked out in threes instead of twos and stayed short and stubby.

    Anyway, after I snapped it I ran straight down the garden centre, managed to find some clone powder and potted it into wet soil. I also snapped another branch of another plant when the mirror fell, so figured what the hell, why not try that one too right?

    So anyone with any ideas about cloning know how I can save this thing? cos it looks like it's gonna die to me. On the bonus side, the twig seems to be rooting itself...

    (runt on left, twig on right)


    sorry for the horrible photoshopping... we all know the score!

    In lighter news, it looks like my best growing plant of the whole lot is a f****** male. Any uk growers want a leda uno male? no?

    maybe I'll sneak it into a bunch of flowers for someone...
  2. Make sure the clones stay in a really humid area so the plant can abosrb water through the leaves until they get roots.

    And don't use mirrors. They absorb more light than they reflect.
  3. Thanks man, i read you should put a bag oer them but didnt bother, would that help?

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