one way weed is psychedelic

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  1. I was having a convo with my friend about marijuana and its category.
    Me: *Weed is a mild psychedelic you know...*
    Friend: *Hahahaha no its not you're stupid*
    Me: *No you just dont know your shit*
    He chuckles saying *Yeah because you clearly know more than me* (He is a few years older than me and he is ignorant and thinks i dont know shit, but i mean... i research about it lol)
    Then we leave it that. Today was reading something about how weed, a lot of the 40+ years of smoking weed, the high isnt relaxing anymore. It leaves them with paranoia, anxiety, and other shitty symptoms. and the topic of psychedelic came up and basically i put two and two together.

    My "high answer" one way weed is psychedelic is because marijuana can be 2 sided. Relaxation vs Anxiety. As a daily smoker, i just got out of a week full of anxiety trips when I got high. Before that it was relaxing. Now the high is relaxing again.

    Psychedelic trips are either a great trip or anxiety driven. Some people have had their worst panic attacks just from weed but not from other stuff. Its sorta like rolling a dice.
  2. weed is a psychedelic n like all psychedelics, can bring great fear and anxiety mentally if you aren't going with your body and the universes natural flow of energy and time. anxiety and paranoia stems from not letting shit happen naturally , you cant stop what's coming so might as well let nature so it's thing . most older people have been mentally and spiritually raped by the time they reach that point that's why, especially in western society we are forced to not be ourselves in so many environments that when the time comes we can panic and trip. this is why weed and other psychedelics are outlawed, you see the truth and become in touch with yourself, they don't want that. i agree with u, and the relaxation part usually comes when you are centered and at peace and unison with the universe
  3. I've had mystical experiences on weed several times. It sure can fall into the psychedelic groups.

    Instead of Playing games or spending time on screens and social media try Meditate or Listen to Chill Music and You start wondering deep into the universe or deep into yourself. Spending Time in Nature while High can also become a Magical experience.
  4. my early toking days were fairly psychedelic, before i started dabbling in stronger psychedelics. now about the only way for me to reach those levels is to ingest properly produced (and strong) cannabis edibles.
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  5. I cant wait to dabble in the psychedelic experience. Soon in time! I heard if you take a long tbreak. Then eat a lot of edibles and smoke a ton of weed and you actually experience actual hallucinations, feels like a dream sorta. Thats what i heard.

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  6. Last night i have a joint of Afghani strain and i had the most intense closed-eye visuals. I could see Sacred Geometrical patterns shape-shifting in and out of each other with more vivid and vibrant colors than i seen.

    I was watching a movie but closed my eyes through half of it just to enjoy the experience. Eyes open i could not see but closed i saw everything, All sorts of shapes and patterns and colours fusing in and out of each other especially the triangle and star-tetrahedron shapes. It was like my 3rd eye was on fire everything was so clear.

    Its strange because i don't have the best vision although when i closed my eyes felt like i was looking at something with the purest quality. Forget 4k video quality this was something like 40k or more haha

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