one time in my friends bedroom

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by dubbalubba, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. There was actualy a combination os activities taking place. We were smoking, snorting and watching tv. HAHA I want to hear some crazy stories of different illegal things happening at once.!
    :D keep it green.
  2. I've done some illegal things in my day, but watching t.v. man? You're a fuckin' nut.
  3. Dude, you watched T.V.? Thats crazy.
  4. T.V. Can kill you man. Don't OD!
  5. you think you're bad? i sit way to close to the tv when i watch it.
  6. I watched TV while fucking a 2 prostitutes without a condom (they happened to be my mother and sister), snorting pure cocaine from there tits. At this time a dog was also licking my nuts (bestiality) and I was building a bomb to kill president Obama. While all this was going on I was also selling heroin to 11 year olds and fucking them as a form of payment.

    I still do all those things, at once, but I never went back to watching tv. That shit is to Gangsta for me, dogg.

    By the way, your thread name is misleading for people who lol @ people in-certain about there sexuality.
  7. Oh shit, can you get me a hookup on that T.V? My hookup Comcast (I don't think that is his real name) sucks.
  8. id watch it with that bomb comment, you may have people monitoring you now. if you're still alive....
  9. The title of this thread totally baited me.

    Been there, done them-I mean that. Same thing.
  10. once i snorted a mile of coke and lit a blunt of supadankalicious laced with pcp and crack while having my fish suck peanut butter off my nuts, ti-vo'd my favorite porno on HBO and had my goat prepared for its daily "ritual".
  11. one time in my friends bedroom I came on his pillow and he slept on it that night
  12. yea because doing illegal activities is cool.

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