One thing i was ment to say when it happned

Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, May 5, 2004.

  1. Right picture this,

    There me, standing at the till at work, minding my own buisness listen to the drunk people outside(at 5 o'clock) all by myself at the front of the store.

    this guy comes in, comes over to me and goes "come here mate" being the trusting guy i am, im like
    "what?" and next hting i know this guys grabbed over the till by my shirt asking me where some guy, i;ve never heard of was, he was totally pissed off his nut and was very definatly of the verge of kicking my arse(for no real reason sept i didnt know where guy was) i just kept saying i had no idea what he was on about cos i could see my boss radioing the cops beofre his mate pulled him off me and told him that its stpud in a shop cos they're gonna call the cops. he apologised and shock my hand(thats it for me i take that as the end of it) but then i had to talk to the cop who was like "you can take it further blah blah" but nah. and thats why we shudnt hate cops, they are just there to help.

    and also i forgot.
    and i let it trail off a bit, but nevermind
  2. I would have punched his ass right in the face when he grabbed ur shirt.

  3. eek on the whole sitation.
    an your right about the police they have a job to do an its not allll about harassing us some do and some dont., an arent we glad to see them when we need them.
  4. hell yea! thats why we need cops! :D
    good you're okay, too.
  5. i proberly would've done sumthing, but baring in mind, it happened so quick i was kinda still getting my head around it. you just dont expect it and dont prepare.

    plus he didnt do anything so when the cops did come, i'd have got a grilling

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