one thing i love about bay area rap,

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    you always hear of that mainstream rap thats like "yeah ima pimp blah blah blah i got money,blah,blah i got hoes" but we all know that for the most part, its a front, studio rappers, phonies, w/e you wanna call it. one thing i appreciate of rap from this area is that these guys really are doing what theyre saying.

    bay area rap is known for being completely independent.consisting of bank robbers, legit drug dealers, real pimps that really do control rings, etc not that i condone these things i just think its really interesting how some people can legitely come up off of crime.
    Basically in this area you cant be a 'real rapper' without being a real crook, drug dealer or a pimp. im talking about making real robberies up and down california, and having high class women for sale. the unspoken 'goal' is to make $100,000 in drug sales. which most of them do it blows my mind (most of them blow it all by the end of their rap career though). these fools are like "fuck, we're already rich, why not put an album out?"hahaha
    the late mac dre and his romper room gang hit dozens of banks and the used the money to buy equipment, start a record label, and to push the music (to make more money). started a whole fuckin movement. off of crime and bought themselves some reaaaaal nice houses. fuckin real legit mobster shit which is why theyll never play real bay area rap on the radio/tv or atleast blow it up like they do to the other shit.thats also why the rhymes arent all that intellectual, but they have flava cause real pimps got flava you know what i mean. dont get me wrong, most of the lyrics are DOPE but theyre not intellectual as you would hear in other types of rap. mainly because these men are not poets, theyre just mobsters in the paper chase.
    idk im not a big fan of that " were gonna turn you into a star all you gotta do is do what we tell you and rap what we tell you so we can make money"
    thing. im about that "we're gonna put down what we want and if people dont like it fuck them" thang. thats what many people from the outside of the bay area dont really understand, is that these rappers dont do it for the fame they do it for the money without selling out.they carry themselves with an every man for himself style. Their records are 'advertisements' so to speak. you really can get connected and cop kilos of cocaine from these guys if you got in good. i think its pretty fuckin funny. taboo activites but somehow they make it work. the music is original and independent and i love it. idk you gotta be from here to truly feel me. the whole culture is dope to me we got somethin special goin on...everyones independent and on theyre own hype and if youre not youre labeled a sucka. like that feeling where you know that the things going on around you are original and unique.
    [ame=]YouTube - Mac Dre-Back To My Mission[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Mac Dre - Stuart Littles[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - B-LEGIT - Scared Man[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Husalah - Murder On My Mind[/ame]
    ^^ around 2:00 niggga i know you didnt buy that car with yo corner store money hahaha that shits like +$70,000
  2. Preach on..I hear ya!

    I feel as though many artists who have put their sweat and tears into the game don't get enough rep. Definitely underrated in the talks, but just to add some more to your list...

    Andre Nickatina/Dre Dog
    Coolio Da Undadogg
    Mac Mall
    San Quinn
    Too Short

    [ame=]YouTube - Equipto ft. Mike Marshall "Heart & Soul"[/ame]

  3. Do you like Pac Div? They're my favorite rap trio from California.
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    yeahh good to see some blades showin love!
    also, the bay area was the heart of the 60's! that peace and love mannnn
  5. For real man. No matter what an MC from the bay is talking about, you know he's being real.
  6. and thats what i love man. theres no real way to hate on that without looking like a hater lol
  7. the bay is hella underrated so many dope artists

    [ame=]YouTube - Joe Blow - Where I Belong ((WATCH IN 720 HD))[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - HD of Bearfaced - "Have Money Have Heart"[/ame]

    skip to 1:30

    [ame=]YouTube - HD of Bearfaced - Occupations ((Official Video)) Dir. By Gunny[/ame]
  8. [ame=]YouTube - Pac Div - SuperNegroes (Mania!)[/ame]
  9. ^^^ Fuck yeah!
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    Fixed. Treal talk, these dudes do have massive cribs, my friend went to a party at someone's mansion in Fresno, i think it was J-Diggs, a couple years back. Said it was just thugs and gangstas, but no one popped off shots becuase it was way too crackin to stop :D. California livin, ya digggg?

    The bay taught everyone how to talk, Snoop can't even take credit for -izzle, that's all bay. Taught everyone how to get money, taught everyone how to really hustle. LA dudes pretty much jumped on rap after it blew up in norcal and began mainstreamin it, they had to steal Pac from us but he repped Oakland til he died!
  11. damn you just schooled me on a little M.D. hahaha but yeah thats diggs mansion mayne but yup everyone knows that mainstream rappers take shit from the bay and water it down so they can make money off of it. they dont give credit when we all know that pimps and hoes shit originated in the northern california bay area and it was so mackin that the media couldnt handle it so they tweaked it and made it hella phony.

    [ame=]YouTube - J-Diggs & Mac Dre Fresno Mansion B-day Party[/ame]

    thats the ad for the party lol. they dont do it like this out in those foreign lands those suckas are comin from!
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    [ame=]YouTube - Dru Down - Can You Feel Me[/ame]
  13. Nikatina is my shit.

    I like living legends, too.
  14. nickatina got played out by all the white boys imo

    heres a bay classic

    [ame=]YouTube - PSD Mac Lee - Every damn day i smoke dank[/ame]
  15. Atlas is a new 2 piece out of the Bay Area. They are absolutely killing it right now. Their debut record is one of the best things I've heard in hip hop in the last 5 years.

    [ame=]YouTube - Atlas "Delirium"[/ame]
  16. lol meh. Most of them are avid boarders (skate- snow- wake- etc).

    I was in Tahoe visiting a friend and that's all they listen too. And it was awesome because I didn't have to smoke a shit ton in the higher elevation to get super baked.. Nikatina had a show up there a few weeks ago..

    I don't dog anyone for enjoying the same music I do.. especially if they appreciate it as much as I do. :shrug:
  17. me either i still slap dre dog and i been to a couple concerts in santa cruz but still these fools find out about a good or so so rapper and they get stuck

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