One Thing I Learned From GC

Discussion in 'General' started by gatorfan92192, May 31, 2009.

  1. Is That besides its awesomeness

    that in the Stash Jar Thread Stoners besides having a fascination with pot also have one with cameras:smoking:

    almost everyone on there has photoshop and have these sick ass macros i dont kno if its because im high that im noticing this but i think thats awesome

    although i hate looking at the stash jar when i have no bud

    BECAUSE there are these amazingggggggggggggggggggg:D pictures of beautiful bud

    & im stuck tokin on resin lol its actually very depressing :(

    yea :smoking: anygay weed+cameras= GC'ers :smoking:
  2. edit: this was a rant of sum sort so dont get mad tht i wasted space or whatever you can take it down if it really is tht bad whatever
  3. It's okay, it happens when you are high. You come up with some fascinating thing and you just have to share.
  4. Lol I have a decent camera I guess, I might just suck at taking pictures it's hard for me to get decent macro shots. I am uploading some pics right now of some decent bud I came across this morning.

    Damned slow internet uploading.

    Thread coming shortly. :smoking:
  5. complimentary rant. :D
  6. Hell yeah I love snapping my macro shots of my dank and posting on gc, the well known people on here that have nice pick ups also do that a lot I have noticed.
  7. Noes i clicked the button and i dont have weed, Oh wait, i never had any... wonder if i disrupted the space time continuum enough to magically spawn some
  8. I'm pretty in to photography, as well as marijuana. Mix the two together, and you get... my GC threads :p
    But I love taking pictures of my dank. Been doing it for a long time. I have herb pictures from three years ago.
  9. Hey what the fuck all my weed is gone!:eek:
  10. This was a waste of time -_-

    *wait, where the fuck did my weed go?

  11. Hahaha This is Y GC is amazing haha :hello::smoking:
  12. ive seen people on here with bad camera work... but there are alot too that are great photographers and know how to catch some trichs. not pointing fingers at those who cant take a flick, but im sayin there are some here, including myself who have taken terrable photos.

    one thing i have learned from GC is... well, almost everything i know about weed. THANKS GRASSCITY!
  13. i don't have a camera

    don't really care to have one
  14. lol Gator you crack me up
  15. Since I have no weed to lose. I choose the last option hoping some weird paradox would occur and I would actually gain weed! Nothing as of yet...:confused:
  16. GC is the shit, what can I say?


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