One thing i hate...

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  1. Dealers w/o bags, i know a guy can forget once in a while but when its every single time... I mean come on its part of the job; ur selling something with no packaging?!? smh makes no sense. You're just gonna hand me some nuggs, like wtf at least make it fat... time to find some new sources
  2. maybe its the economic times.

    its the economy, _____

  3. well damn obama better promise baggies for every hustler or im not voting for him

  4. I don't think the economy affects drug dealers. Even if it did, how expensive can plastic baggies really be?
  5. Thats never happened to me. The last dealer I had sold his weed in little glass vials. I think he said his dad was a chemistry teacher and he would take them from his dads classroom. :D Awesome way to get your weed.
  6. I got it once in an empty deoderant can .. :sigh:
  7. i used to get smaller amounts in paper and tin foil and crap like that
  8. Maybe you should bring a jar like I always do. I haven't used a bag in ages.
  9. Plastic baggies are like 3 dollars for 500Gram baggies and and 500 big baggies are like 2 dollars so just buy your own and if he don't have a bag say drop it in my bag if his product sucks find a new dealer
  10. the best or worst thing can be

    " hey man i dont have a scale so do you mind if I eye this out for ya ?"
  11. Finding multiple baggies on someone, could be used by the police as reasonable grounds to charge with dealing; I mean there is very little else that one will use the baggies of that size for besides putting drugs in. That's my guess as to why they don't carry them.

    That tends to be the argument in France anyhow.
  12. thats a good point. plus you always lose the little baggies, or keep the ones around with the smiley faces and things cause they're cool looking, then you forget and one day someone finds it and asks What?
  13. I get really cool baggies. Some with cannabis leaves on them. Last time I picked up I had this printed on it.

  14. Kappa :hello:

    Not seen this brand for years...
  15. One reason i always keep a couple empty bags in my wallet, although i've only ever not had it in anything like twice but getting weed in clingfilm or foil does still piss me off.
  16. That's why a seasoned toker is usually prepared for this. Whenever I'm going to pick up I always shove a bag in my pocket just in case. And if I don't need it I just put it back in my cupboard and use for it's "real" intended purpose (shoving a sandwich in it).. You can buy a box of them for under a couple dollars, ya know?
  17. haha it's so funny, last night when i picked up the bud came in baggies with a print of an uzi sub machine gun on the side.

    Me and my friends were sitting in a circle blazing and i looked at it and thought, yeah, because all the people that smoke bud are uzi wielding gangsters -_-
  18. One of my buddies in high school that supplied had a thing for fruit snacks, so whenever he ran out of baggies he'd just give you your sack in a half opened fruit snack bag hahah

    I'll never forget that kid...hope prison is treating him well

    But yeah back to the point of the thread, I usually just keep a little airtight jar in my vehicle just in case i pick something up without a proper bag.
  19. I knew one dealer that refused to keep any kind of small bags in his house because thats evidence for a distribution charge.

    He followed the BYOB rules, bring your own bag.

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