One thing I consistently forget...

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  1. Is just how long it takes for roots to grow, especially at seedling stage...

    That or my roots have CONSISTENTLY even with azos and mikanos
  2. Watching YT videos of using bananas to assist with cuttings has me ready to include them in my next effort.
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  3. Two weeks from sprout.
    Transplant 2 wks.JPG
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  4. wasn't aware air-pot made such small pots. Is that a new thing for the company or was I just out of touch with their product line
  5. It's a 1 ltr. propagation air pot.........I bought it many years ago........after 2 weeks I transplant to a 9 ltr. air pot.
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  6. ,
    Not a solo cup, but a 1 liter pot.
    Grown from start to finish without transplanting.
    1 liter airpots.JPG
  7. When I used to use solo cups, typically I was transplanting them within 10 days of the plant breaking surface, but by then they were even pretty root bound.

    I also switched to 1 liter pots (just cheap shit from lowes atm) and the plants still outgrow them in about 2 weeks.

    I wish I had a pic, but just imagine this amount of roots shoved into a solo cup (this is when I transplant now, around 2 weeks in. I had to leave unexpected for work for a few days and so they stayed in solo cups for like 14 to 16 days.

    It was impressive (not in a good way), but they did all survive.
  8. I been busy last couple of weeks so i have not had time to transplant them well I am also lazy too. When I get home I will take a couple of pics but they are way past their time to get transplanted but we will see. Everything new adventure i consider an experiment.

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  9. Yeah I have my plants double cup with clear in the inside of a red cup and the roots are like the vines Tarzan swing on. But the plants look like they are doing alright

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