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Discussion in 'General' started by kcme, May 31, 2003.

  1. what i recommend everyone do is go and get the largest sack of ganja you have, smoke it all, then go see the movie FINDING NEMO. its a hilarious movie and the visuals are cool too

    but the best part...a stoner turtle. the coolest fucking turtle i have ever seen.

  2. I've been seeing alot of previews on the tube for this flick. Sounds like I should check it out. :) A stoner turtle? That's worth the $8.00 ticket price!!
  3. o man... just saw that today blazed as hell.
    i laffed a lot and by the end i forgot what had happened but i just remembered it was great
  4. 8.00? lol..
  5. It looks funny. I may find a girl or two to go with. I'll go during a matinee where it isn't so damn expensive. I can't hardly afford to go to the movies anymore this summer after I've seen the matrix a few times.
  6. by me it cost $ 9.75 a god damn ticket !
  7. Ouch! i get a ticket for 15$!!!

    thats canadian though, but still itsalot. on tuesdays its 8, i usually go then.

    i wanna see that movie too! looks dope, i dunoo if itll be good, but the animation is amazing.
  8. I've wanted to see this movie for a while. I can go late tomorrow afternooon for 5 bucks. COOL!

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