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One Sunny Morning

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Posidon, Jun 11, 2003.

  1. I'm taking summer courses at my University in the Mid-East US. After a late night at work and then waking up early to study for a large exam that day, I decided to finish up a bag that had been around for a while (I tend to collect single buds in many separate bags). Bonged 2 bowls and took off for my test. As i was walking through campus on my way to class, I had, for lack of better words, a life-changing experience. Its hard to describe, but at that moment, things in life just became clear and changed the way I look at the world now. It was an amazing experience and I was wondering if there were similar stories from you all.
  2. ya that shit has happened to me. trippy.
  3. !! What was the experience? A teacher pull you to the side for some wild monkey sex?! or what?
  4. Yeah, my first time was a life changing expierence. I saw things clearly for the first time. My life has truely changed for the better, thanks to Marijuana.

  5. Not quite ... seemed as all the colors became clearer and brighter. Smells and tastes are now all enhanced. Its real odd, but I love it.

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