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One reason I usually prefer to smoke alone.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ManOnTheMoon424, May 25, 2009.

  1. Don't get me wrong, I love smokin with my boys and the shit we do when we're blazed, but I just got back right now from blazin with em and I realized another thing that makes me usually prefer to smoke solo. I told them how much I wanted to try to conserve this bud and stressed the importance of cornering, saves the bud and you still get blazed. But they just kept insisting on floodin the bowl with lighter fluid and swirling it all around the bud evenly, blazed through like 4 bowls in like 15-20 minutes. Sometimes getting cashed in 2-3 hits. Now I'm all out of bud again.

  2. It's so awesome when you can get a random group of people together to smoke and everyone corners the bowl perfectly. It makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. :cool:

  3. OMG YES. I'm quoting you in my sig. That nearly made me hard.
  4. i smoke alone all the time. ill smoke with someone if they want to match and ill smoke up a friend if they stop by in the middle of my solo sesh but i smoke alone most the time
  5. yeah yo, i barely spark my boys anymore..They dont even spark

    My friends are all a bunch of pot barbarians

    they dont even know how much I smoke to my face lol, if they did they wouldnt call me..I had a half oz last week and didnt call ANYONE...

    Han Solo status is the best
  6. Agreed. I went with my friend last night to pick up ONE GRAM. I had just finished an 8th a couple days before all to myself.
  7. yeah dude, i hate people that can't grasp the concept of cornering a bowl, or they throw a whole fuckin nug in the bowl.
  8. fucking word the fuck up +rep to that
  9. to the tune of I Drink Alone

    I smoke alone, yeah
    With nobody else
    I smoke alone, yeah
    With nobody else
    You know when I smoke alone
    I prefer to be by myself

    Every morning just before breakfast
    I don't want no coffee or tea
    Just me and ole lady Mary
    That's all I ever need
    'Cause I smoke alone, yeah
    With nobody else
    Yeah, you know when I smoke alone
    I prefer to be by myself

    Just a simple rewrite and i wasnt stoned. No I think Im going to Han solo this bowl of mine.
  10. Smoke bowls by yourself, smoke blunts with your friends.
  11. ^Truth
  12. im not really into smoking bowls with a group of friends. Ill usually pack one for myself before sleep or when im just chilling. Nuttin like a fat blunt-always a fun ciphe
  13. Dude that is a very good idea, you kinda have to have the mentality that you're gonna roll a fat blunt, waste weed and not giving a fuck about it when you're with your boys I guess.

    Very true post.
  14. I'm lucky enough to have a group of friends that know how to conserve and are VERY nice guys.
    The 6 of us are pretty tight and understand we dont need to piss away all our bud in one night.
    Its better to get high and have weed left for the rest of the week instead of being dry!
  15. Yeah one of the dudes I've known since I was pretty young thinks that he isn't getting a real hit if he doesn't torch the bowl the entire time he's inhaling. Haha fortunately for me his parents freak out every time he get's caught so he doesn't smoke too often.
  16. ya i hate people who intentionally torch the whole bowl thinking they will get a bigger hit, then hand u the cashed bowl and tell you theirs still a hit left. ya i know theirs prob a hit left, but its gona b a shitty ash hit cause of ur dumb ass. and then precede to say "i told u so" after u exhale that crappy hit

    used to have a friend who used to do this, dont roll with him anymore
    also liked to rolll loooose ass blunts and pack the weed in so u had a 1 inch long fat as fuck chode. i guess it was still smokeable but id much rather hit a normal length blunt

    ive been smoking alone lately, nothing like skating on a cruiser board to a park and blazing a fatty then crusing the city blazed as fukk solo
    i rode one of those wave boards today lol, the ones with 2 wheels that u have to shake ur ass to make it go, theres no point to them the max speed is like 8 miles an hour
  17. Dude thats legit as fuck, today I went to a park blazed as fuck and rode one of those pedal-boats all around the lake hahahahahahaha
  18. buy your own bud and dont tell people, just have how ever much you want at your house, dont take it places w/ you. When your together w/ people just have money to throw down w/ your friends, Then put it in a bllunt, or blunts. That way you still get high, and conserve so much w/ your own,

    That dosnt always mean never smoke anyone out on your own stash if you dont mind it. Occasional is good.

  19. I know, my brother's friends are the same way.

    It's like ... honestly, if you smoke too much, logic dictates that your tolerance will go up, and thus you will be smoking much more to get high and spending a lot more $$.

    I love smoking weed with my boyfriend because we usually take one hit each and wait a bit before lighting up again ... waiting even one minute in between hits gives it a chance to kick in (especially if it's good).
  20. Budget your weed.

    I keep my weed stored in a large jar/tupperware at home. When I go out for the night, I take a gram or two and put it in a small tupperware that fits in my pocket.

    Also if you smoke out of a one-hitter, you can just load everyone their own tiny snaps and no one has to corner anything.

    But you will miss out on the magical joy that is smoking blunts to your face =D I love it so much.

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