One quick question about Lights (cfl's)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Muggle, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Are these: Shop Utilitech 4-Pack 75-Watt Equivalent Daylight Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb ENERGY STAR at appropriate for vegging? I see that their color temperature is 5000 and I believe that (if not 6500) is what is suggested for vegging.

    I'm about to buy all the materials for my first grow and I haven't been confident in any of my lighting choices and just need a bit of direction. I will be buying enough to cover all of my plants, but just want to first make sure that these are good bulbs.

    Thank you for your time.
  2. you may want a higher wattage cfl. thows are only putting out 900 lumes each(only 4600 lumens together) go for 100w equivalant bulbs( 23 actuale watts and 1600 lumens each) and try for 6500k i think you can still veg under 5000k thow
  3. Thanks! I'll shoot for these then [ame=] 23 Watt - T2 CFL - 100 W Equal - 6500K Full Spectrum Daylight - CRI 80 - 70 Lumens per Watt - 15 Month Warranty - Energy Miser FE-IISB-23W-65K: Lamps & Light Fixtures[/ame]
  4. yea thats better. i got 2 monster 68w cfls in my closet and 1 40w cfl. the more watts the better
  5. also you want to keep your plant close to them but not to close they do get hot. i burnt a couple of my leaves cuz some of them were touching it or very close to it
  6. ^This.

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