One powerful number, 16,191

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  1. That is how many active users there are on grasscity. Now what would happen if we organized ourselves? What would happen if at every chance we found we actually sent that letter to that particular governor thinking about pushing out some whack law that continues to pummel our rights into the ground? What can we accomplish if we ALL voted for so and so for mayor, for senate, because they believe what we believe?

    How many of you actually send anyone letters when someone is pleeing to you to help block certain laws? I'm guilty, I have never sent any lawmaker a letter, I'm guilty, you're guilty, alot of us are guilty of this. We've been relying on the system to fix the system, where the system quite OBVIOUSLY cannot fix itself. It needs the help of people like you and I. At 16,191 active members WE ARE our own city.

    I'll be honest, I've never even stopped over at the legalization and activism board, but I've also noticed that there is a very small percentage of us that have. The facts have been established, I believe we are gaining momentum in the war against the war on drugs! So........

    Inspiring maybe, but lets be honest with ourselves, the only thing that can unify that number of people these days is money.... sad but true.
  2. Damn straight!!! im gonna start writing them letters and calling those offices more. +rep for shaking the point into us.
  3. hell yea I agree with you!! ..16000 people writing to senators and congressmen, that'd make an impact. :D
    Better still, if each of us convinces a couple of non-smokers that the prohibition is unjust, there'd be 32000 non-smokers writing to senators and congressmen.
    That would make a difference!!

    The day the first legal coffeeshop in the US opens its doors, I'm gonna be there :smoke:
  4. I made a thread in feedback for the very same reason. Wanting GC to form a drug law reform organization. our numbers alone arent enough, however us all working together would be. and it would bring new members.

    go check it out and voice your support.
  5. If something like this were ever going to actually happen it would mean everyone here would have to DO SOMETHING. Talk is cheap, and I don't think we could get everybody to put out the amount of time and energy needed to make a large difference. You never know, however...
  6. Someone needs to come up with a good generic letter that you can just fill in so and so and blanky blank and send it in. I mean, after all, we are stoners.... soooo what you rather do, write a letter or smoke a bowl.... hmmmm Just thinking of ways to make it easier.
  7. Rotawee I was just gonna say that!

    Exactly. Someone should write out a basic outline of a letter, or even a full one. And then an address of a senator's office or something.
  8. Well, we're gonna need people with ideas and someone with deep pockets to actually fund the stuff (not really expensive but not cheap).

    Send the forms out to head shops and medicinal clinics, and have customers fill it out and whatnot.
  9. In light of the recent DEA raids in California, here's a simple letter that could be sent, with minimal modifications, to newspapers, representatives, senators and the dea itself. The idea is to focus on the shame that the actions of the dea agents should be bringing on their families. If the families feel shame then the agents themselves will have borne a real cost for their actions. Just paraphrase the hell out of it so it doesn't look like a form letter. The beauty is you're not admitting to breaking any laws and you don't give your name or address.

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    My son Johny has wanted all his life to be a DEA agent, he admires the hard work your agents do
    and wants to commit his life to serving his country in the same manner. He has worked hard at
    school to achieve his goal and is a straight A student, he also devotes himself to his sports activities
    to ensure he's in top condition to join the agency.

    However, I was appalled and disgusted when I saw coverage of the recent raids on the marijuana
    dispensaries in California. There is no way I am ever going to allow my son to humiliate our family
    by participating in the terrorizing of sick people. The actions of your agents have brought shame on
    their families, on your agency and on the country. My son will never be a part of this.

    Thank you for your time.
    Name and Address withheld because I no longer trust your agency not to conduct the same actions against me.


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