One Positive Thing That Happened To You Today?

Discussion in 'General' started by SourDiesel94, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. Today I found out my boss smokes weed and we smoked a bowl. It was cool
    What about you blades?

  2. got out of class early... like 2-3 hrs early
  3. Smoked some oil with my dad, it was a good time.
  4. I got some good sales today at work
  5. truck in front of me hit a deer and it flew up and landed in the center lane and not on my car..was crazy i saw its neck get broke and flung around under a pickup with a trailer
  6. I made out with a good friend of mines sister earlier today lol. That was kind of the highlight of the day.
  7. A guy I know txts me that he's back in business after 4-5 months of silence and I get first dibs.
  8. Went to my first MLB game.
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    Something that was missing came to me today. Something a little more real. A place for me to explore myself in a way I haven't been able to before, rather not allowed myself to before. Will it achieve what it's set up for? Who knows. But that's just the thing. It doesn't have to in order for it to be what it needs to.
  10. I received a free bottle of tequila, and was invited to a cool festival with some old friends. 
  11. Went to a big dance party and according to my step bros alot of chicks checked me out. It felt good to get outta the house. Also i talked to a close friend for the first time in months. I think this summer is gonna be good..
  12. I ended my 4-month Tolerance break. 
  13. Hell ya! :smoke:

    I opened my eyes this morning.. :)
  14. I still feel the effects from yesterday, gotta love having a low tolerance. 
  15. I still feel the effects from yesterday, gotta love having a low tolerance.
    Im jelly, I need a break but not 4 months

    Have they closed all the female body and ass threads now?
  16. LOL longer than 4 months would do you justice. 
    I heard they closed the Ass thread because of a Iphone app, that's what I heard, hope ain't true though. 
  17. Today I got the chance to turbo post on GC :)
  18. ummmmmm.... i'm still alive? :confused_2:
  19. Woke up went to do my daily check on my girls and saw that my clones have rooted very well!! :)


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