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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by billybob543210, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. Thinking of doing a closet grow. Just one plant just to get started. Its going to be an autoflower. If I have 4 23watt 2700k cfls and it is going to be in a pc case that is 22 1/2" tall, 17" wide and 11" deep. Is that amount of light ok? Also going to use ffof soil and ff trio. My main Q is can i go 24/7 on the lights and only use the 2700k the whole time. I do have some 23watt 6500k if you think i should use them.

  2. Billy billy billy.....tsk tsk. Welcome
  3. Use as many 6500k bulbs as you can during veg and switch to 2700k for flowering. Sounds like you got enough light and good soil and nutrients.
  4. yes, you can grow fine with what you have. People on this site are very anal with theyre advice, theyll always tell you that theyre ways the best, but if your just trying to get 1 plant growing, get a decent harvest and then take it more seriously the next time, then youll do just fine with what you got. You can use 2700k the whole time, or 6500k the whole time. YOu wont get perfect results but youll get weed and it will be better than the plant it came from. THe most important thing is to have as many lumens as you can possibly supply the plant with, circulation is a must as well to keep your plant from over heating and drooping leaves, and lastly the soil, its not as important as all the others but its good to really look into soil adn find which one best describes your end results.

    Good luck billy, hope you get some solid plants
  5. Yeah billy you'll be fine with that. What I would do is throw in both spectrums of light in there for the whole grow. Plants like both spectrums. Just keep the heat down and have some air blowing on the plant to strengthen it. Good luck and post any questions as they come about.
  6. thanks for your time and help. see you guys around!!

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