one plant/sq foot?

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  1. Is one plant for one square foot too small of a space for vegetative cycle?

    What about flowering? I'm expecting 2-3 plants for 4 square feet, but if i come up with four will it be enough space? I'll be running atleast 4 2'fluorescent lights at the base of the plants, and one 250 watt HPS.

    Right now the box is about 2'x2' and 4' tall. I may increase the length about half a foot. What do you guys think?
  2. That should be fine, as long as you have all the plants in seperate pots. You're also using fluorescents, so, they won't be as big as you think..
  3. hey man, i'm on my first grow and im just understanding the sqft'age necessary to grow bud. and we have like the same thing going on. so i have a 2'x2' space, and i can only fit two 5-gal buckets. you really need the 5gal when your doing hydro to have a heavy girl. my whole post is only if your doing hydro.

    so during veg, you can have them as close as you want pretty much, best if they're in net pots and you dont really have to worry. they wont develop into a huge root ball during veg, at least mine didn't until like week 4ish on.

    this is my first week of flower, and now i understand why a plant demands space. so its 27", grew two" last night, and it'd say you could flower one plant in one sqft, but itd be kinda crammed. it'd say i could do 2-3 plants in my 2'x4' space, but i have it seperated into two 2x2' rooms, one for flower one for veg. the veg i can do 4-6 depending on my organizational skills, lol, and the flower i doubt ill ever get more than one phat girl in my 2x2' flower room. but also my plants are huge, and have a 400wHPS in that 2x2' space. hope this helps, peace bro :smoke:
  4. One plant/square foot?
    Dude I have a one gallon pot. It measures 10 inches wide by 10 inches deep and is 9 inches tall. If I put this pot into a box that is one square foot 12"x12"x12" I will have room for only one pot and to grow a plant that is a whopping three inches tall. Then I am out of room. So in answer to the title, no it is not enough room.
  5. i said square foot. NOT cubic foot. 4 cubit feet per plant is what im talking about
  6. ya sqft is wide x deep, not height. but i forgot to mention, with 4' height, minus the container... they're gonna have to be pretty short. it'd be easier to grow a small plant from clones, maybe later down the road.
  7. but what if i train them? Plants can be kept very short.
  8. Ooohh Cubic foot.
    Ok ok. Your right.
    Guess what. Not enough room either way.
    Wait a minute.
    4 cubic feet per plant might be ok.
    With that space you will need to grow a short strain, LST top and flower early.
  9. are you doing hydro?

    ive thought about growing plants with just a cola on top and trying to limit the side growth...

    but man, really i dont think you realize how big the leaves and stems can get. lets just say its surprised me at how fast you run out of room. frankly, the more i think practically about it, the less i can imagine you flowering more than one plant there. i have double your area, and there is no way i can flower my 2nd plant - im debating now what to do with her cause my 2x2 isn't enough room :(
  10. Nope not quite that advanced yet, just keepin it simple with soil.
  11. ya then maybe with soil. i dunno about the size of the pots... but the 5gal buckets are too damn big :) good luck man

  12. Sorry. What I have there is one cubed foot not a square foot. Square foot is Length X Width.
  13. these questions are always best answered with logic.
    5 gallon pots = 12in
    3gallon pots = 10in
    *note: different pots have different size, but pots these size are available at lowes/homedepot

    if you have a 2'x2' space you might be able to squeeze 4 5gallon pots. But depending on your hieght, if its 4ft, then you might have better luck with the 3gallon pots as thier not as tall, giving you a little more veritcle hieght. Doing this will require a little traning to maximize your space optimal goal. I would start them in pots that i can put twice as many if growing from seed, start with the largest pots and flower them in those pots, once sex is showed immediately transplant them to the bigger pots, pitch males.

    The other option you have is using growbags, you can fit more growbags in a space, but their is less room for plants to grow, i recommend a SOG style grow, just trying to get 1 large cola on each plant, cut lower branches.

    SO what im saying is if you wanted to you could grow 2 plants (less chance for females) or grow 1 from clone in your space, vegging longer, but obtaining the same amount of pot, or growing alot of plants no training lower veg times, and get the same amount of pot at the end. You have to customize your grow to fit your needs.
  14. ok, i have my official and final opinion. first off, i dont think its possible to fit more than 2 5-gal buckets in the 2x2' space. i think you should go hydro. you could grow one nice fat plant in that area, with a few oz on it, or you can go soil and hope for high trained/stressed plants.

    if you go hydro, you can get something like this

    bubbler 1.jpg

    bubbler 5.jpg

    bucket inset.jpg

    which would lead to this

    lunah 36.jpg

    which would lead to this


    which is what i did. i say dedicate you whole space to one fat hydro plant, and aim for.... 2.5+ oz from her.

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