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One plant penalty

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by MANAMEISFREDRIC, Jan 6, 2009.

  1. i was thinking about cultivating a single marijuana plant on my parents land in suburban MN, what are the penalties that would come witht the cultivation of a single plant? i have done research and i cannot find any cases that involve small amounts of plants
  2. Find a plot just off their property and no worries.;)

    Penalties would be on your parents and could include loosing their property so dont grow on their side.:D
  3. that makes sense, although kind of unsettling because i dont know how much traffic those areas get, while i know that the only way my plot at my parents place would get fucked is by fly overs

  4. One plant should not be easy to spot, but just to play it safe I would grow in a low traffic area a few yards off their property. That way if you are seen by someone, more than likely you will still be on your parents property. But if the plant gets taken it will be out of your (your parents) hands
  5. so if the plant is found a few feet off their property and the cops think that i planted it my parents are completely off the hook? that sounds odd, but i guess it makes sense
  6. Unless your local LE have nothing better to do or you have a record all they would do if they found it is remove it,investigating one plant is just unheard of.
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    The whole reason your parent's would get fucked if it's on their property is because it is in their name and they could be legally held responsible for it. If your grow a plant on someone elses property or public they can only hold you accountable and only if they catch you there or find your finger/shoe prints everywhere and trace it to you (unlikely without prior record).

    EDIT: Like ocitown said, they would probably just remove one plant unless they had nothing better to do and/or are behind on arrest quota
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    HERE ya go.

    The key is NOT to tell ANYBODY, not even your best friend!
    (that you are growing of course!)
  9. yah thats the thing, the MN norml site doesnt specify what the penalties for cultivation are. They only refer to the weight of the marijuana. and if i am only growing one plant cant i pass it off as personal use and not distribution?
  10. If you have any raspberry or blackberry canes around plant in there, critters don't like them and they grow nice and tall.
  11. dude one plant is such a tease. do two.

    i mean you might get a male, then youre SOL. you can always throw the male out later and be left with one female. or possibly even have to choose between the better of two females!!! (love it when that happens:D)i duno
  12. ??

    Nice link Leapgrog. I'm glad I'm in Europe although I have to watch my ass too... TELL NO ONE like fight club.

    If you grow it horizontally ("swiss growing") in a well hidden niche, it can be good. I'm not in the Us though. If I was I would only start it at home and take it out like Ocitown said. At least, you'll sleep well every night.

  13. Isn't this enough specification?

    Possession of 42.5 grams or more of marijuana is punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine up to $10,000.

    If your plant is yielding more than 42.5 grams then you have a real problem if you get caught.
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    My pops is down with me growing supa stealth so i dont support gangs with my money so fuck ya mother fuckers i dont have to worry about hiding this shit somewhere ill just find some other place to grow where the police have no way of finding it...

    Somehow I think you could have found a better way to phrase this. ~AK~
  15. what the fuck are talking about? phrase this fuck face
  16. funny stuff, i can grow a plant and recieve only $100 ticket.

    <3 Decriminalization
  17. we aren't decriminalized are we?!?! where the fuck i been?! lmao
  18. We have been since 1987 bro, it was 10 plants then 3 then 10 now 1 :=
  19. i was wondering why an oz was only a $100-$200 fine

    Decrim <3 hahahaha

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