One plant much larger than the others?!?

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  1. Complete beginner. 1st time grow.
    2ft x 2ft x 5ft
    23 days since sprouting, 4 days since changing from MH to HPS (250w)
    4 x 10 Litre pots
    2 x Blue cheese autos
    1 x can't remember
    1 x can't remember

    One of the blue cheeses is significantly larger than the other plants and about an inch from the lights. I'm moving the pots around to try and give them equal light but its miles bigger than the others (in the pictures the blue cheeses are both on the right, the big one at the front and the tiny one at the back)

    Shall I just raise the lights a bit and leave them? or try and reduce the height of the big plant to match the others?
    20190623_013831.jpg 20190623_013831.jpg 20190623_013831.jpg 20190623_013838.jpg 20190623_013857.jpg
  2. I would personally do both. If the stems are still flexible, give her a bit of LST until the others catch up. Plus, that light looks somewhat too close to the tops. You can already see the tallest plant cupping at the top and the leaves from the other plants turning away and/or drooping. Raise those lights higher before you also start to get light burn/stress. Just my 2 cents.
  3. I would rotate all 4 plants around every/other day.Maybe?
  4. Your gonna need too raise that bud
  5. Lst them
  6. Thanks Guys,
    I've raised the lamp by a couple of inches, I'll try and LST the big plant by attaching some string to the tent frame and gently bending it down a bit.
    I've been switching the pots around everyday as the lamp isn't quite dead centre in the tent.
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  8. Out of the tent (tiny blue cheese visible), can't find any string/cord anything in the house and everywheres closed round here on a Sunday. Have to LST tomorrow. Think the leaves are showing signs of me splashing water on them when watering and them getting a bit scorched.

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