One plant is super dense and the other super airy.

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  1. Im not sure why, some people say its from growing with CFL's but i have a little over 300w of blue and red spectrums for both plants together. 150w a plant sounded good to me. Now the plant on the left has super dense almost rock hard buds all over their like that but when you look at my other plant who actually had a slightly better growing medium because there was a little more perlite, the same nutrients and the same lights. Is it just the genetics of the plant thats not letting it get nice and dense? It doesnt have much of a smell to it either but the one on the left almost knocks my socks off everytime i smell it its got a real sweet chronic smell to it i cant wait to try it. Another thing is the trich production is cut in half on the airy plant. I just started giving them plain water with 1tbsp of unsulphered molasses per gallon last watering. I dont want to have to end up using that whole plant for edible experiments and tictures. Heres the plants for you guys to check out, the first pics are of the denser plant it also has about twice as many calyxes as the airy one.

    So really my two questions are is it the plants genetics making it grow airy or am i missing something because they've gotten identical treatment. Lastly is it to early for a flush? I planned on 2-3 weeks for flushing. Thanks in advance guys. View attachment 1228319 View attachment 1228320

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  2. Different pheno types ..
    U can run 10 seeds of same strain and see 5 different variations of said plant.
    Those r called pheno-types..
  3. Sorry it only posted the pics of the denser plant here ya go image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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    I know about different phenotypes i figured it was just lousy genetics since they were all from reggie bagseed, i had a few dro seeds but i doubt either of my plants came from one. I was just surprised to see how much better one plant looks than the other woth the same treatment. I knew before why people said invest in real genetics but know i know first hand why.

    Phenos are how they label a plant f1 f2 and so on because they havent been stabilized right? You could stablize a phenotype by imreeding it for a few harvests with the same phenotypes. Does that sound right or am i off?
  5. The dense one looks like you over watered AND burned it, thus the bad bud. Second plant looks nice though. :)

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    The dense one isnt over watered i literally just watered it lol, i most definetley do not over water ly plants they get watered 3 tomes a week tops usually its only twice though. The pics in my second post are of the airy plant, it has half the calyxes, half the trichs and no smell. I did burn both of them though because i fucked my numbers up when i was converting ml/100L to ml/gal and gave them twice as much as the the bottle reccomends, i only did it once and that was about 6 weeks ago. The better plant of the two actually got burned worse than the airy one and it had cal/mag problems about a week earlier than the airy one but its still at least twice as good looking and smelling.

    Neither of the buds are bad i only had one bud start to get the calcium deficiency bad enougb to affect the bud so i clipped it and smoked it that was about 3 or 4 weeks ago. The airy buds just wont fill out, hopefully the molasses helps.
  7. What color are your trichs and how many weeks have they been flowering? The last few weeks is when they swell the most. 2 weeks prior to harvest is a good time to flush as well like you asked.

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  8. Some clear some cloudy and ive seen a couple amber. Im gonna do a 2 to 3 week flush and harvest them when they look right, im gonna let the bottom buds ripen up more before i harvest them too. They were 9 weeks into flowering on wednesday this next wednesday will be 10, thats from the time they started to flower not from when i flipped to 12/12. Its been about 11 weeks since i flipped the lights.
  9. Them buds don't look dense on either plant.

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  10. Genetics, unknown bagseed. Looks like you've got about 50 grams dry and a few grams of hash from your trim. 250w hps and some training could've tripled that easily.
    The thicker plant looks real nice though!! :bongin:

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