One person wants serious relationship...the other doesn't

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    Ain't that a bitch. Is there any savoring anything in this kind of situation or is best they just go their separate ways and do their own thing.
  2. If it's not a serious relationship already why do you care about her so much?

    Maybe you can tell her it's gonna be more serious and actually make it more serious for a couple of weeks then try to get back like it is now.
  3. True. How long have you guys been together? Do you really love this girl? Is it a serious relationship, etc.
  4. You can't force something thats not there, if you show this person how your truly feel about them, and they tell you that they dont want a relationship, accept it and move on. But only after you have truly shown how you feel about them...remember SHOWN not said. Saying says, "Actions speak louder then words"
  5. serious relationship...its a crab..waste of time and money...grow up and move doesn't wait for anybody or anything

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