One Or Two Plants In the Same Space?

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    I have a couple of 37"x37" tents that I've been growing two plants at a time in. I use a 400w ballast with 400w HPS bulb on 50%. Initially, I started growing two plants at a time in these tents for a couple of reasons. First, I was inexperienced and figured if I lost one I'd have the other as a backup. Second, I started out with just one tent and I wanted to yield as much as possible. Well, I've got a few grows under my belt now and I feel pretty comfortable with my methods and the nutrients I use.
    Here is my dilemma, I grow because I enjoy it and as a source of income. So, potency is obviously important but yield is as well. I am currently growing Auto Seeds Candy Kush which is a strain I think I"m going to stick with. Attitude claims that you can yield 350g's per meter which is pretty much the size of my tents. I would be more than happy to get 10+ ounces a grow. I've been strongly considering only growing one plant per tent rather than two (I use 5 gallon Smart Pots). Less nutrients, less soil, more room for one plant to grow. My question is, it possible to yield as much as I do with two plants? Will the one plant prosper and grow so much better on its own that it will yield as much as the two plants together?
    The two Candy Kush's I have going now are really crammed together and I can't help but think they'd be better off in their own tents. I'm just worried that the yield will be so much less that my supply will no longer be able to meet demand. I end up with about one harvest every 45 days, and like I mentioned I'd like to get at least 10oz's a harvest. That's about what I'm getting with two at a time (over 4ozs a plant). But like I said I feel like there would be better air flow, light distribution, bigger better buds etc if they had their own tent to grow in. I also realize that every plant is different and some just aren't going to yield as much as others, which is another advantage of growing two at a time.
    To sum all this up, one or two plants in the same 37"x37" tent... Is it possible to get comparable yields?


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