One or two plant LED grow. LED advice.

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by brydon, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Yo. :wave:

    Barely ever post here but I browse a fair bit.

    I'm gonna start one two plants in my closet and I'm looking for advice on which LED model to buy.

    Heard great things about this one:

    100W Diamond Series LEDs - Extreme 3w LED Technology - Diamond Series LED

    I'm in Australia so the postage would be a fair bit (if they even do post here). I'd like a bit more power than 100w but the 200w is way too expensive. I'm just growing for personal use.

    Found this one from some Aus makers:

    Marintech Grow GR-04 LED Grow Light | ledaquariumlights

    Grow Series | ledaquariumlights <More info on individual led's.

    Think it's relatively new as there are no reviews I can find anywhere but the specs look decent to me.

    You can suggest any other decent ones that won't set me back more than $400.


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