one of those, rare, rare good days

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  1. Damn, ever have such a good day you just gotta post it? Got to sleep in a bit (school starts on 9 on Fridays). After school, I received my semester grades, A+, D-, D-, D-, D-. I know I get bad grades, but I'm just so relieved I passed my classes, and I will graduate on time. After school, I picked up quad of some goood headies (smells exactly like fruity pebbles) for 80 bones (normally have to pay 90-100 for a good quad around these parts). I just smoked up with my good friend and this hot girl I had just met. Now I'm just waiting for the rest of the night to come on, but I know tomorrow is going to be good, because I'm driving 30 miles to my old city to visit old friends I haven't seen in forever. Maybe my day might seem a little uninteresting to some of you blades, but this is the easiest going I've had in a long while.
  2. Wait, a D is passing but a D- is not. At least when I was in high school.
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    Consider yourself lucky you get those grades, i got F,B+,F,D+,F,F.The B+ was in Gym class and the D was in web design. And looks like i won't be graduating on time:mad:, but i can always try again next year, i just look at it as another year to not pay rent:hello:
  4. In my school district, -s and +s don't really make a difference, it's just the letter grade that counts. I have to admit, I have much more potential than my grades show, but I just feel there's much more to being a young adult, than to practice a system that teaches me to learn things, in a confined way. I have an IQ of 138, 139, but I can't do well in such a mind numbing environment. I'm not being ignorant, I understand the importance of an education, but public school education is not my cup of tea, I just can't wait to go to college and take classes I have passion for.
  5. I feel the same way, all through middle school and some of freshman year i was an honor student, then my school decided to start yelling at me for everything. I don't know if you've ever experienced it, but an expulsion will take a shit on your academic performance, even if you go back to a normal school the next year you miss a whole year of academics, because the curriculum at the alternative school near me is like shit i learned in middle school so know i don't know the basic stuff i need for any of my math/science courses.
  6. those D's are what give us smokers our bad reputation man...

  7. So the F's are all good? It's because of the fact that we get in trouble for our marijuana use that we get bad grades, if smoking weed was completely legal, i guarentee that i would not get anything below a c+ in any of my classes
  8. LOL

    That's the biggest cop out I've ever heard. If you did your work and did well on the tests, you would have gotten better grades, it has nothing to do with the legalization of marijuana.
  9. Holy shit dude, that is my LIFE STORY right there. I always grew up in all the accelerated programs, all throughout elementary and middle school. I won an international math contest, hell I was doing geometry at the high school in 7th grade. I got the presidents award in 8th grade for being 2nd in the school academic rank. All this went to shit in high school when I got expelled for smoking off campus. For some reason, the campus patrol was down the street from the school, driving around in this huge company's employee parking lot (where my friends and I were smoking). I had to be home school and that really took a toll (insomnia is inevitable. Going to sleep at 5 am, waking up at 1). Finally, getting back to high school last (my junior year), it was hard adjusting. I'm still having a hard time, but I'm doing a lot better.
  10. She is right, you know.
  11. I think he was referring to the spiral that can occur when someone gets busted. It's easy to let it affect your work when you're under constant scrutiny and being disciplined. He's a smart kid and he knows what his priorities should be.
  12. I didn't mean to say it like that. There was a big deal sophmore year and i got expelled because of weed, the other school i went to was all retards and the algebra 2 program there SUCKED so i didn't learn what i needed to, so junior year advanced math made no sense, chem made no sense, then i got expelled junior year(this time for selling coke, long story, i don't sell coke,never have, just a weird story)
    and had to go to the alternative high school again, so i didn't learn any advanced math there, now intro to calc isn't very easy without the advanced math curriculum
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    Sorry if I have very little sympathy, I was succeeded at high school under those same conditions. I was told that I wouldn't be allowed to graduate if I so much as showed up for my senior prom.

    Also, my high school was a single sex catholic high school with our AP courses at EQUAL level to a college honor course. You don't get more strict than that.

    Now, I did think that the post I responded to was the first poster so sorry about that, and now I see that you were expelled, and I was only suspended. Obviously you had to pay the ultimate price, but other than that I don't see ANY reason or getting all D-'s in every class, but one. That's just doing the BARE MINIMUM to get by.
  14. I am just appalled that kids today get sent to 'alternative schools' just for smoking cannabis. I don't excuse the lack of personal responsibility we all witness these days, but our educational system is not helping things any.
  15. I agree with you, but the second time it had nothing to do with cannabis, i was expelled for "Distributing cocaine on school property", which is bullshit because i never have and never will do coke and i sure as hell won't sell it. its a long story, but in the short version i asked my friend if he was "Good for a 50 sack" i meant weed, he thought i meant coke, he gave me the bag of coke and i was like":eek:Wrong shit"but it was too late, a teacher walked over and said "Whats in your hand", i knew i was fucked. I hate the kid that gave me that sack to this day, hes in jail now(pigs raided his house, he had 48g's of coke and 2 pounds of tree!) so i don't have to worry about him.
  16. i was pretty happy when i passed geometry enriched and chemistry honors both with D+. and im my school + and - make a difference...taught me a lesson ill never forget, NEVER take honors classes in 9th grade.

    i took my final exam for chem honors high as fuck, and the teacher knew so she put my desk outside and said dont come back inside until you are sober. i ended up finishing the test in just under 2 hours(our final schedule for HS is 3 hour periods, 2 periods a day for 3 days) and passing it with a B+.

    +rep for not making straight D's like the anti drug commercial said rofl.

  17. That what she said!
  18. I don't comprehend:confused:
  19. lol

    "My child is TOO smart for public school, their teaching methods are just too limited"

    Haha Ive heard that before, maybe you are just fuckin lazy.

    Oh and in college it is a lot worse and you will have to take plenty of classes you have no passion for.
  20. You're not getting into college with grades like that, buddy.

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