One of those days...

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  1. You guys ever have those days where everything and everybody pisses you off? I had one of those today first in my study hall I was listening to my iPod and doing homework then my friend comes over and asks if he can listen also, so I said yeah then he goes off bitching how curren$y, z-ro, and all my music sucks ass and he asks if I've got lil Wayne and j Cole and drake. Lol. Then in that same class these 2 freshman were talking and like look at that pot head in the corner he looks so dumb (talking about me) then I somehow told the morons I was tripping on acid and then one of the kids left to go to the bathroom and his friend goes "hey man I smoke also, I smoked a blunt this morning" so I was like cool what wrap did you use? He goes oh just some printer paper I found in my house. I was like -_____- mmmk

    Then I noticed how all these ugly ass girls wear slutty jeans and heels to highschool trying to look good. It's always the nasty fat Mexican and black girls whose one thigh probably weighs about as much as me where like 4 inch heels and skinny jeans showing off their nasty ass legs. Then they walk slow as a fucking snail in molasses through the halls, like Jesus can you walk maybe 5 mph? Or you want me to just crawl through the halls?

    Then when school was over I went to my car and some kid wrote "I'm a fag" and drew a couple dicks on my window. Are you really still in 7th grade? And then when I was leaving some little curly headed fuck stood at the crosswalk at a 4 way stop and would not fucking move, so I just later on my horn for a good 30 seconds and he moves.

    Yes I'm on my man period, only good thing about today was hey played dj screw on the radio. Rip Robert Earl davis
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    Real talk. Z-ro the realest too. I see what your sayin though man, just light up a blunt and and listen to some music and know that their shit doesnt matter, just keep a smile on your face and take it.

    Also, sounds like you got some bitch ass friends

  3. :laughing:
  4. Are you on your periodic ? :D just kidding i know what you mean, i had one of those days yesterday :(

  5. Silly monkey

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