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one of those days

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Jan 2, 2004.

  1. Where are ya mate?

    I hope everything is OK..

    Did you get over the food poisoning??

    Let us know mate.
  2. Yeah, sickly...where the hell are you? Are you feeling so bad that you still can't smoke or even come see us???? :( I hope you feel better!
  3. Well, that wasn't even slightly funny. :(
  4. ^^not such a funny josh....
    show yourself mate :D

  5. Well l have been in hospital with tubes stuck in my arms and l did nearly die. But why would you lie to people here or a best mislead them????
  6. Glad to see ya back at the city..

    I hope you are feeling much better!

    Sometimes we have to have a close call to wake us up mate..
  7. take real good care of yourself critter me boy.
    really really good care.....
    glad your feeling a little better

  8. Still not funny to me since a mate got hit from behind by a truck new years day ,still don,t know if hes gonna live .Fuck hes only 27 yrs old.
  9. I'm sending him some get well karma too critter..

    I hope you are feeling much better!
  10. 10 ciggerettes ,6 bongs and no alcohol,fuck l,am doing way to much work ,lol.l,am getting fitter ,arhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :D

    p.s. still no word on the mate in might be weeks before they really know anything.
  11. I'm glad you're a bit better, Critter Man! I hate to hear the bad news about your mate, though. I'll send some Rumjilly-o ~karma~ all the way to Australia for you and for him!!!! :)
  12. Good karma to your friend, Critter.
  13. l,ll make sure he get it all.[​IMG]
  14. glad you're okay critter, don't be mad at Whoopsie cuz he couldn't have known anything was actually wrong with you, you only mentioned it to the mods from what I can tell.

    here's a bong and some karma for you and your buddy

  15. (Sacred stoner thoughts...)

    I'll send some extra his way so you can keep some for yourself!!!!! :D Love ya!

  16. l,am not mad at him..l just thought l,d point out how things work out when ya pass comment on something ya know nothing about ,lol,not really fair when l do it all the time :D.


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