one of those days

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by bigman, Feb 1, 2003.

  1. i got no weed to smoke
    i ain't got no cash, i am fucking broke
    i gotta get a job and earn some notes
    i am so used to getting money from my folks!

    my dealers gone and disappeared
    this is the predicament ,i have feared
    how can i sleep at night
    if i am not as high as a kite
    you know what, my life is shite!

    i wish i was sippin on some gin and tonic
    and smokin a bowl packed with chronic
    i am sick of this shit
    my girlfriend is a hoe
    she's given everyone a fuckin blow
    she sucks too much cock
    suck fucked every one on my block
    she best watch out cos shes gonna get shot!

    thats not all, oh no, no way
    i just found out my best mate's gay
    what is going on in the world to day
    i wish this fucking headache would go away
    tonight, to god, i will pray
    he will listen to what i've gotta say!

    i am gonna have a couple beers
    and wipe away all my tears
    wash away all the saddness in life
    all the pain and all the strife
    so goodbye to you all
    be strong and stand tall
    thanx for listening, thank you all!...

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