One of them Bong thangs...

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  1. Wondering about any buying tips when it comes to bongs. Any recommendations or anything along the lines of that? I've used it very scarcely - really just about 2 or 3 times. Yet every time I did it was GREAT. So what can you GCers teach me about them BONG THANGS, and how to go about buying the best one?

    Much help appreciated.
  2. Awesome! I've been waiting for someone to ask this. Somethings you need to know:

    - Get glass on glass (ground/frosted glass joints for bowl and diffuser)
    - Decide wether you want the diffuser removable then go with that (removable costs more, but it's worth it - depends on how good the bong is though)
    - make sure to pick up your piece and inspect every inch of it. Better you see it's flaws now than at home later.
    - check if it feels/looks thick and strong. Pick it up, hold it above your head, do whatever you need to do to convince you.
    - screens, use them, and cut them to a decent size so your not spring loading them into the bowl.
    - wash everything before use! Very important.

    Pretty much everything else is up to how you like it, once you've owned a few you'll know how you like things, you don't want a carb, I personally like small (12" or so bongs in most cases).

    Good luck my friend, bring somebody you know that knows bongs well (for example me :p if i knew you).

  3. just get a cool jbd or medicali beaker, cheap but cool, you start liking glass, and get serious into bongs and pieces, you can grab a toro, SG, or SGW bong and experience a high end glass piece

    ALL depends on how much you wanna spend too...
  4. i agree with ^the guy above me, you have to kinda do trial and error to find the piece that fits your habits, i personally like toro, and zob and the glass in that quality range, but don't get me wrong i have a straight tube that is no name with a 18mm ground glass joint with ice pinches, only cost me $50, and it is usually my go to piece, it all has to do with your budget and personal use/preference.
  5. I think a LUX mini-perc is just what the doctor ordered for a first good bong.

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