One of the stupidest questions ever asked...

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  1. Ok blades we have a problem....
    I'm high, and just realized I have a paper due tonight in Lieu of a class that was canceled yesterday...
    So here's the problem, i'll copy and paste her instructions. 
    Please watch the following video Peloponnesian War and Thucydides and write, in complete sentences, a summary of the video. The summary must be at least a page long, double spaced, 1 inch margins, 11 inch font. 
    I am currently stuck in my head at the fact that it says must be a page long, double spaced... when professors fucking say this do they mean ONE PAGE LONG AND THEN FUCKING DOUBLE SPACE IT OR DOUBLE SPACE IT FROM THE START AND LET IT HIT A PAGE HOLY FUCK?!?!?

  2. Depends, how old are you and what grade is it for?

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    It's a Western Civilizations class at University with a no bullshit professor.
    Edit: a no bullshit pregnant, hormonal, no excuse taking, hateful, purely evil, devil professor.
  4. Double space it from the start. I'm not very learned, but when a professor says at least one page, you'd better make it more than one.
  5. probably a page after double spaced which is like a half page or 3-4 good paragraphs
  6. What the fuck is 11 inch font?
  7. A paper with 11 inch font would end up with just a capital T and that's it.

    I always forget to smoke because I get high and distracted.
  8. Idfk this bitch is retarded, even if she said it right who the fuck uses 11? I've never in my life had a teacher not tell me 12.
    If only.
  9. That's what I was thinking, maybe that's the reason it has to at least be a page.

    OP, yo solution, 1 letter per page.
  10. It's official. You're turning in a one letter paper. You said the teacher is a stickler right? So tell him/her he should learn how to proofread their own rubric and/or syllabus.

    Pics or it didn't happen.

    I always forget to smoke because I get high and distracted.
  11. Tell that dumb bitch its point not inch. 
    Wtf, 11 inch font?
  12. One letter would fill up an entire page

    Do it OP

    "Here you go prof, my 1 page, double spaced, 11 inch font essay"

  13. If you have a pair you should definitely hand in something adhering to her directions. But I'd also do the paper too in case (likely to happen) the teacher says oh you think you're funny? Here's an F
  14. omg lol she means 11 point font like up where it says times new Romans and shit. Change it to 11 write a page and a little more double space that shit from the start probably a MLA heading. And you're done. Easy shit.
  15. OP I took a similar class on the Peloponnesian people and am the expert on them. They walked around butt naked.  Put that in italics at the beginning of the paper
  16. This thread is hilarious.
    Turn in an 11 inch D

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