One Of The Most Badass Grizzley Bear Videos I've Ever Seen!!

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by LowEyesBigSmile, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. [ame=]Intelligent And Friendly Bear - YouTube[/ame]

    discuss the awsomness
  2. bear is awesome but cant say the same about that dude
  3. He's gonna end up like the grizzly man.


  4. The Grizzly Man documentary was so cheesy that I laughed. I watched it in a film class in college, I was stoned as hell, but regardless it almost felt like people were acting just to be dramatic. They showed clips of him punching bears in the face lol good times
  5. case rested on the awsomeness of bears

    [ame=""]Bear Style Kung Fu - YouTube[/ame]

  6. ^^^

    I've seen that video before, is that real? That bear is a fucking NINJA MAN!!!!!
  7. Nice how he takes a ride on his bear at the end of the clip.

    Only then you can call yourself a true badass motherfucker.

  8. lmao hell yea bro. There's mad black bears where I live, and I can tell you they're scary as fuckkkk. Especially when you go to take the garbage out and that shit's chillin next to your garbage can standing on two feet. Shit, last spring a bear just took the "bear-proof" garbage can and body slammed it til it opened.

    This guy is a true badass. Making Grizzly Man look like a n00b fo shizzle :smoke:
  9. bears are too smart, soon they will travel in packs, and before you know it weve got militarized bears.

    bears are the #1 threat to America.
  10. I wouldnt name a thousand pound bear, whom was my bestest friend ever, Brutus. I cant put my finger on it, but it seems like a bad idea.

    Just saying.
  11. lol. I didn't even notice that. But that is what I was thinking at the end there. They are wild animals. They can be sweet and really do love you, but in a second an instinct can be triggered and they can grab you.

    Look at the tiger that attacked Roy. You don't want to be on the wrong end of a bear. Click to 2:20 for the action.

    [ame=]Bear Attack Easton Bowhunting TV - YouTube[/ame]
  12. damn dude, that guy in the video was fast as fuck. I woulda shit myself had I seen that thing running at me like that. I also thought it was pretty cool how in that short time, he had the ability to get his gun and he didnt even shoot the bear, but he shot the water to scare it off, whata badass. :smoke:
  13. ^ Wild dogs do the same thing.

    Yet people keep them as pets. Why? Because they're trained. Imagine if you had a baby bear real young, and raised it and trained it, it would see you as it's family, the way that bear charged, could have been for your protection =p

    I say hell yeah to bears!

  14. There is a big difference between an animal that has been domesticated for ten thousand years and then is left to live in the woods, and an animal that has never been domesticated.

    If you notice we don't just raise wolves from pups and everything is okay. There is a difference between a "wild" dog, and a truly wild animal.
  15. ^ Don't know where you're from, but up north, a ton of people have domesticated wild wolves, I even remember reading about a local who had domesticated a moose. Previous generations of a species being domesticated has absolutely nothing to do with the specific animal you're trying to domesticate.

    Also, the circus domesticates bears all the time, as well as other animals.

    I mean, really. what point are you trying to make? Even though I wasn't wrong, I'll still clarify for you.

    Showing a bear charging somebody in the middle of the woods, and using that as an example as to why you shouldn't domesticate the animal is illogical. Because by that logic it isn't safe to domesticate a dog, because wild ones charge you when you're on there territory.

    Furthermore, It is possible to domesticate a bear, and it would be pretty fucking gnarly if said domesticated bear protected you, much like a dog would. I'd be more scared of a guard bear than a guard dog, just saying.

    So I ask again Cottonmouth, what was your point?
  16. I hate when people associate tears with intelligence.

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