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One of the greatest stoner tales

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by low_end, Jul 2, 2006.

  1. So it seems every time I blaze some event happens that wouldn't happen if i was sober. For example- last week I was smoking up my two buddies and one of them was his first time. We were on my back porch and they were all feeling great, along with me so we decide to go to this local lake. So we drive up there listening to psychadelic whatever, and sit on a dock around 9pm watching the sunset - so of course its the most amazing experience of our lives, especially for the newbie toker....until he hits his glasses of his head by accident when swatting a bug and they fall in the deep lake. He immediately freaks out, not only because he's rediculously stoned, but he has terrible eye sight without his glasses so it just makes the whole ordeal a lot worse. He says we have to go get them before we go anywhere so being the nice guy that i am, i jump in the lake and scream from the cold and then realize i can't see shit. So we come back to town and get a flashlight and a plastic bag. We drive back and I go back in the lake and have to turn on the flashlight and go under a deep dock and i dive a few times until I find them and it was probably the most glorious feeling ever. I raced up from the water and did a battle cry. Then we went and got ice cream.

    Hope you enjoyed.
  2. Nothing like ice cream after a day of blazing and relaxing. Especially after that
  3. Haha thats crazy dude. Nice story.
  4. I can just imagine you rushing to the top of the lake and screaming your battlecry.Like Braveheart or the Patriot or some shit hahaha.
  5. haha.

    coming out of the water weilding glasses yelling a battle cry.

  6. lol....jokes....

    i hope he paid for the ice cream:D
  7. that is like the same thing with me and a bunch of freinds. my buddy pissed in this bottle for his dt so he could use it later because he wanted to smoke with us. so we were all chillin by this huge waterfall like 60 ft up with a big fresh water thing that you can swim in and is covered on all sides by these giant rocks, its fucking awesome. anyways after smoking we all get up and walk around this place and as soon as we get up he kicks his bottle full of piss into the water heading for the the next waterfall so i throw off my shirt and dive into the water that is fucking freezing and save the piss before going to the waterfall. great day
  8. what does +rep mean? sorry for going off topic
  9. it means that you were pleased with somebody's post, so you're going to give them a positive reputation point, click on the little scale-looking thing at the header of a post

    edit: haha forgot to comment on the original post.

    that's brave man, you're a good friend, I woulda been like..yeah..we'll come back tomorrow..too stoned..
  10. +rep man. lol nice story. :D
  11. omg that is so great i wish i could have been there
  12. Wow, I never thought of getting a flashlight when I lost shit at this cabin my parents used to have... Good thinking.
  13. sick, sounds like a nice trip.
  14. im just laughing about how he just through his shirt off then jumps after the piss thats classic

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