One of the funniest things ive seen

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by thank_the_ganja, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. Me and my friend were driving to this haloween party pretty blazed, were parked behind this car at the traffic lights..Lol next thing we saw is a guy dressed as micheal jackson 1 glove and all! he jump out of the car and started dancing with the mj cd playing really loud.. the lights turned green, he jumped in his car and drove off fast!! i wish i took a video.. u know when your lungs hurt from laughing so much
  2. Haha, thats just fucking awesome! I wish people did more crazy shit like that instead of crazy shit like shooting a place up or something.

    A video would of been swwet as fuck, but who would expect that at a red light?
  3. haha exactly man i was too much in shock and laughing so much, by the time the video idea came into my head the car was gone!
  4. How many little kids were in his car? Lol
  5. hahahahaha. i would have loved to see random

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