One of the funniest, smartest, goddamn mother fuckers ever, GC

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  1. George Carlin
    Been watching his sets on netflix...the man is a genius...I love how he stated he never votes because it is just an illusion of choice...I'm honored to say I came to the same conclusion as this great philosopher on my own.

    Man he's funny...people ask if you could meet a dead person, I think it'd be cool to hang with him
  2. lol i thought this was about some new not so well known comedian

    this is common knowledge my Friend Carlin is King! lol
  3. oh cool guy

  4. of course ;) just making sure
  5. [ame=]YouTube - George Carlin - airsoft guns[/ame]
  6. I love love LOVE his routine on "stuff"...never have more true words been spoken!!:hello:
  7. Yeah, Carlin is a brilliant and fucking hilarious man.
  8. He was one of the first people who really taught me to question everything. He will always be remembered for this. I've learned way more real world shit from him than my actual grandpa. RIP Mr. Carlin
  9. One of the smartest guys you could listen to. Loved the guy.
  10. BUMP love that guy
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    Haha that clip was hilarious! I want MOAR :D:D

  12. One of the funniest comedians, and i loved his attitude towards censorship and taboo...

    he's up there with Bill Hicks, in every way. not enough people know about Carlin.

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