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one of the endless paranoia threads

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ground, Mar 26, 2004.

  1. i've been experiencing severe paranoia lately when i smoke, it's getting worse and worse and i had a paralyzed-by-fear moment a couple nights ago, a complete erasure of my sense of optimism. it was really frightening.

    i searched for paranoia threads around here and read a bunch. i'd prefer answers from people who really have had to deal with this problem on a real serious level before. i'm scheduled to see a psychiatrist and start a regimen of risperdal real soon. i looked this shit up on erowid and it definitely seems like something i'd want to avoid taking if i can. the problem is, i'm already "hearing" voices in the background, even when i'm sober, even when i'm not home (which is where i've been "hearing" them lately). i also live in an apartment under my landlords which is not exactly a recipe for avoiding paranoia, although i think if i smoke i will get it no matter what.

    so, do people have any experience with risperdal or similar antipsychotics? i'm going to go to sleep now, i'm scared and depressed and i don't know if just a few days of a good regular healthy sleep cycle (not that i do that a lot) will restore me or what. even though this is just a "nap" that will TOTALLY fuck up my sleep cycle because i only got 3 hours of sleep yesterday.

    on that subject, what are your thoughts/experiences regarding sleep?
  2. sorry if my post seems really fucking fragmented, i'm tired and out of it.
  3. i have been paralyzed by fear many times when i am high with my friend, because wethink it is fun to do it and by the time we are freaked out we cant move and end up regretting it. but anyways to not get paranoid, listen to pump up music, go outside or do/watch anything that stimulates you sexually
  4. I think that you should lay off the smoke until you sort your head out because you are just making yourself worse.I smoke all day and have learnt to control my paranoia and now do not suffer.You have to remember that it is the drug causing paranoia and it's just a bullshit thought.
  5. maybe you shouldnt be smoking bud you do any other drugs? maybe the voices you hear at home are jsut your neighbors since you live in an apartment building.

    i take risperdal ..i was paranoid for awhile when i started smoking bud ..but im completley fine now.

    do you have a family history of schizoprhenia or something.

    if you have a real fucked up head ..psychedlics arent exactly the best thing for it.
  6. i just have the typical paranoia. Everytime i smoke and im somewhere every so often i get a thought of the cops just busting in and arresting everyone but it soon passes. If i am riding with someone at night then every pair of headlights on the road is a cop. lol, but other than that no paranoia

    my friend becomes extremely anxoius when he smokes. like he usually thinks of 100 things that he need to do or get done. he overcame that with just writing everything down when he tokes up.

    as for paranoia....forget it just chill out and relax nothing bad is going to happen
  7. If you have really bad paranoia then the best thing to do is dont smoke...
    But if thats not an option then think hard about how you could overcome it..
  8. okay well if u dont like the side effects of smoking then dont smoke
  9. I used to get parnoid sometimes but i realized there is no reason to be. I still get a little anxiety sometimes if i do not like the situation i am in but it passes soon after i peak. If u are worried about ur land lord smelling the smoke then do something to cover up the smell or smoke some kind bud or something where you only need to take 4 or 5 hits. Try to make it is comfortable as you can when you get high and watch a movie or something to take ur mind of being noid. If that doesnt work then you might want to give up soming bud.

  10. What do u consider really bad paranoia?

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