One of the best weed smoking experience turns extremely bad at the end, guilty bad trip

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  1. Hi grass citizens, just wanted to share my most incredibly bipolar experience I had last night. I had to let it out, there's no one I can talk to about this.
    Okay a little background here, it's been a month since I last got high. I was having finals and needed a clear mind to study. So I came back home yesterday and all I wanted to do was toke up. My friend, X, wanted to celebrate it with me so he gave me a load of weed last night. So we hanged in his house where we can smoke cause it's late and his parents are asleep and usually his parents don't bother his private space. I have done weed for about 2 years and this is by far the most hits I've taken and the highest I've gotten. 
    T0:00: So, we were hitting it in my friend's house. He did 8 hits and I did 7 hits through his new bong. I never had so much toke before. As soon as I stood up, I could feel the rush went to my head and boom! I immediately lost judgement of distance and space. The room looked new to me and I couldn't recognise where my back was and where was the front.  
    T0:05: I tried to play the guitar to calm myself down. As I was stepping on the pedalboard, I felt like it was just me and the pedalboard and there was no floors and walls and room. The pedalboard felt like a whole earth to me and I just kept playing whatever flowed through my mind. Then, when my friend called me and tried to talk with me, I kept imagining his head bobbing and floating from his body and he has no body. It was funny as hell.
    T0:20: I started to take the meditation form. Sat in the dark room and closed my eyes. I can see some CEVs and I imagined I am on a mountain top and look out at to an infinite space. Then I tilt my head down and immediately I see myself falling through a dark tunnel gracefully, the vision wasn't colorful but it was a tunnel. When I opened my eyes, the infinite space shrinked like crazy. I got mind blown from what I previously saw. Then I tried to look at my friend but I had to turn around. I imagined my eye balls rolled to the back of my head and I can see my friend and what X was doing at the time. The only time when I have flashes of what I can't literally see but saw in my head (accurately predict what I saw before I see it) was when I got high the first time and went to a metal concert. I hope you guys understand what I am trying to say.
    T0:40: We went out and blazed another joint each. I coughed at a huge hit and got higher than ever. My whole world shook and my time skipped every 5 seconds. I almost blacked out. I was having mental visions that X died. But it wasn't that scary, more humor than scary. I turned on Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Antennas to Heaven and calmed down. I remember my visuals became interesting here, but I do not know how to explain them in words. This was what I wrote in my high journal where I usually sketch or draw any creative output, "I swam into a world of clockwork anti frequencies." I think what I meant was that, I was seeing things 10 seconds before it happened and when I do something and it changes the things after 10 seconds, I kinda got a loop of dejavus. I do not know how to explain this further. 
    T1:00: We went back in and X got us some munchies. I started to see shadows. I hallucinated some dog-like creatures walking into the kitchen, sitting and waiting to be pet right on my left and so on. We were baked on the sofa. 
    T1:20: We went back upstairs and this is when things got weird. I lost control of myself and couldn't remember anything anymore. I went back downstairs to get some munchies and X's sister was in the kitchen. I couldn't remember what happened but I talked to her a bit and told her I was pretty high and she was too. Then my memory skipped. I remember we were playing with the kid's bottle from the refrigerator with frozen breast milk and both sucking on the bottle's teat and trying to drink the milk. (Okay, eww!) We later washed it up. Then, I felt horny and all I could remember was sucking on her tits and having sex to her. I remember getting anxious and paranoid of getting caught so I turned off the lights and locked bathroom door (the bathroom is in the kitchen). The worse thing was I remember telling myself, "do not cum inside her," but I was too high and came inside her anyway. I freaked out with guilt and immediately tries to clean up the place. Cleaning up took like forever and I was so paranoid I am afraid that I had stains on the bathroom floors and I had flashes of visions where her mother catches her the next day. I felt dirty. I went back up and X was sleeping so I took my stuffs and quickly head out. 
    T2:00: I went back home and remember thinking that I hoped everything wouldn't be the same when I am sober. Then I just hit the sack and slept. 
    X didn't know yet. He texted me this morning but it seems like he didn't know yet. I don't know how to react to him anymore. I am thinking of avoiding him for a few weeks now. What should I do? I felt like I soiled X's home and family. I hope his mother never found out but I am pretty tight with X, so avoiding him seems impossible. We will surely meet again in a few days. What should I do to him and his sister? 
    It was a crazy night and I felt so stupid at the end. I wonder if it was the weed that caused me to do the silly things I did. I felt like I couldn't be forgiven for what I've done. Smoking pot has always encouraged me to do things I never dared to do when I am in a normal mental state. Usually positive things. This is the first time I had done something negative. Maybe I had too much. I vowed to never again have too much weed. 
    Do share your experiences when you had too much pot, either good or bad trips. And what you do about it. 

  2. Sounds to me like you have a pretty great imagintion with all the visuals and shit. As for the sister, you should be praying to heavens, or Cthulu, idk to not get her pregnant you dumbass. If you bonk a girl always wear a condom. And as for X just never tell him, that's it. Talk to the girl and tell her to not tell him as it will surely ruin your friendship.Sent from a potato.
  3. Yeah that's what I felt and saw but words betray me in a sense that I don't get to explain a lot with words.
    Yeah, that's what I thought too. I should never tell him. I'll give it time. Let it pass for a few days or maybe a week or two.
    I always use a condom before. But last night I was too high to go looking for one (and horny). Argh! How do I live with myself anymore? 
  4. Lol, just carry on man, in a months time you'll be laughing your ass off about this. That is if you didnt get her pregnant..Sent from a potato.
  5. Damn, you just came inside your bros sister... you better figure some shit out
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    i REALLY wish i could get that high these days.
    I know right? What kind of THC are these guys smoking on :smoke: :D
  8. Thai sticks. In my country we have that a lot. It's everywhere. We don't have strains and whatnot but it works.  :bongin: 

    I am glad that my story entertained you guys, but I am feeling really low today. :confused_2:  Looks like there's only one thing to do now. Blaze the pipe again.  :hippie:
  9. Dude I'm pretty fucking jealous. Smoking, hallucinating, banging your friends sister....damn bro you hit it hardNah seriously tho sounds like fun
  10. Trying to explain a mental high in words, is one of the hardest things IMO. Words just escape you and I usually end up giving up because I can't seem to finish a sentence the way i imagined.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  11. What country are you in where Thai sticks are available? I wanna try that shit.
  12. As long as she is of legal age in your state/province... ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1390061633.061303.jpg
  13. Haha bro sounds like an unforgettable night! Its all good bro I was in the same situation. My bestfriend hosted a house party (I was drinking and smoking) and I ended up banging his sister. To make a long story short, I ended up telling him, took him out to dinner and he understood. Said he'd do the same thing if he was that faded as well haha! (i also gave him my ipod touch lol i felt that bad about)
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    Sounds like your bro... may end up becoming a law... but hey least you busted a nut right?

    Not like i havent wanted to do the same. My bros sister is gorgeous. I honestly don't know why i havent given in yet...
  15. First off how old was she and how old are you? Did u wear a rubber or are you FUCKED!Sent from my SGH-I337M using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  16. The good ol days...Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  17. That's not bi polar lol. You got fuckin baked! enjoy it while you can.
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    Thanks for all your comments, guys. I laughed reading them. LOL. 
    Well, to anyone concerned, I'm 23 and she's uh, she's 18, I think.
    I am in Malaysia, south to Cambodia where they say the good thai sticks are still around. 
    My dealer said they are, but I take it as a pinch of salt. Mostly looks like compressed buds. 
    My bro, he still invited me for some joints. Great guy he is. I just couldn't tell him... yet.
    And she's been texting me since although I tried avoiding her. 
    Ever since that night, I wake and baked this past couple days. No time to regret on that anymore. 
    Cheers to pot. 
  19. I started laughing when I read "grass citizens". I might have to start saying that.
  20. dam i have some berry white an i want what your smokeing . Good story op

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