One of the best things to do while stoned

Discussion in 'General' started by TheRoeBiz, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. This past weekend I did one of my all time favorite things to do while stoned, I went to the flea market. I love smoking a blunt on the way and just walking around in the sun with a pocket full of small bills looking for interesting deals. It's always a good time haggling while fried.

    Here in Cincinnati we have a flea market called turtle creek, it has a huge head shop on the inside, along with all kinds of vintage shops, and it even has a military outlet. On the outside it has a bunch of vendors selling there old stuff, like a 100 yard sales side by side. I walked away with a working super Nintendo and a copy of Mario kart for 8 dollars, I shit you not.

    Not to mention it's one of the few places that cater to weird munchies. Deep fried Twinkies and Ore's, fried chicken, corn dogs, and lemonade slushie.

    The best part is you can always go out to the car and drive around mid way though to keep your buzz going.

    So do any of you guys ever go to the flea market baked? And if so what are some of your oddest/best purchase?
  2. man i love going to the hay market in the city in sydney, i go there smashed as and get the old asian women really confused buy asking if they sell random things that dont even make sense, sometimes speak to them in a mad up language haha sooo funny find thos really cheap asian rip of shoe stales haha and find some dodgy brand like adifast with 4 stripes ;p

    omg billabong rip offs they had there were so funny "Billy Way" hahah sooo cheap haha
  3. Todays sat! If I find someone people to go with I'm going to have to go to the one in Daytona. They always buy shit too.

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