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one of the best sites i've found ever.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Digit, Sep 30, 2003.


    cannabis may well be the mother of all cure-alls, but even it needs a little helping hand sometimes. ... soif you got some medical problems.. go check them out at this site... it helped me alot, and i've only checked one thing on my list so far.
  2. i dont see any medical marijuana on there:(
  3. hehe, yeah... i just discovered that minutes ago too.

    but still... despite their reluctance to tell the truth and be at the whims of the Government, its still a great site.

    i wonder... do you think they believe that whole schedule1 "no medicinal benifits" line?, or, do you think they're just scared of the gov?

  4. the second one:p

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