One of the best parts of smoking cannabis..

Discussion in 'General' started by SkinnyHD, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Is that feeling you get in your eyes and forehead.

  2. Is when you just get off from a hard days work ,take those first few hits ,and feel your stress and muscle aches just melt away. This always brings a big smile to my face.
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    When you pull out the bowl and see all the milk disappear in your face

    Who Dat!
  4. Music, and what SkinnyHD said

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  5. keep this thread going  :bongin:
  6. Chronically masturbating😌

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  7. Sitting in the recliner after that first dab after work.. Gah.. So close to the recliner.. Yet.. So far

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  8. Lighting my bowl with hempwick to taste the flower better.

    Choosing the strain

    Breaking it up

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  9. When you hold that hit that's trying to escape!!

    Sometimes it sucks to suck
  10. the smile you get when it hits
  11. To add to that, that sigh that escapes you as it hits. That's the sound of your troubles going away, for a few hours at least.
  12. having THC receptors evolved into my brain specifically designed to get me high
  13. Tasting your bomb ass weed when you take a fat rip while playing some chill ass tunes yo

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  14. Everyone becomes a comedian :D
  15. when my head is balanced :D:D:D:D maaaarrryy jaaaannnneee!!!

  16. Going to town with my friends and going to the top of the car park roof,blazing up going around town blazed and then getting on the.bus to go to my Nan's and when I'm there and sobered up realising that I still have some good dank on me then till she goes to bed and blazing up
  17. That feeling riiiiiiiight after you finish a massive bowl by yourself, you sit on the couch, and can juuuuuust start to feel it creepin on you...then 2 minutes later, sitting on the couch staring at the wall with a goofy ass grin on your face. ahahahahahahahahahahahahahha.
  18. When the dopamine increases. 
  19. Getting a new bag, knowing you won't run dry for a while.

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  20. Smoking cannabis yee

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