One of the best nights of my life, sick story

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  1. I had the house free for the weekend so i decided to throw a party on Friday. My friend came to pick me up at 10 to go to school. Only reason i went was to collect money from people, senior year is over, we don't do shit in our classes. So we smoke a blunt on the way to school, BUMPING music like no other. We stopped at a deli to get a bite to eat and got to school around 4th period.

    I collect money from people, get the speakers from my other friends car, and me and my friend dipped to my house at like 7th period. We meet up with my cousin and smoke another blunt. We then went over to my friend (lets call him A, remember since the story is also gunna end with him lol). A is a millionaire, at least his parents are. He has a HUGE house, a fully loaded 2010 jeep srt8 etc. Well we then smoked yet another blunt at his house. After that blunt we chilled a bit and ate mad amounts. Before we dipped we then passed around another 2 joints. Then we went to pick up the alcohol. It was meant to be a small party, around 40 or 50 people. So we got 300 beers, a bottle of malibu and a bottle of vodka. We go back to my crib and my cousin bounced to see his girl. My other friend out of no where rolls up to my house with his corvette (thats how i knew it was him lol fuck all these nice cars). He comes inside the house while me and my friend are putting the furniture in the garage.

    This is the exact story he tells me:
    My cousin sent me a text earlier that said "did you get the package?"
    I asked him what package and the second i sent that a UPS truck rolled to my house. He texted me "open the toy". Im like wtf and opened the toy and there was 2 grams of some KILLER bud sent from Florida.

    When my friend tells me this story, im like what. the. fuck. We stop what we are doing and load up 1.5g into a blunt and keep the rest of the bud for bong hits later. We are RETARDED from this blunt and clip the roach for my cousin later.

    We chill and shit and then both my friends dip home to get ready for the party and i go to take a shower and shit. After like 30 mins at 9:30ish, my cousin, my friend jay, my friend that ive been chilling all day with, my friend with the corvette, another friend and yet another friend roll up to the house. The party was only gunna start at 10 so we rolled up a 3 gram blunt and smoked until people came. My first floor was practically cleared of furniture, and the fridge looked straight up as if it was from the bud light commercial. I took a shitty ass pic with my shitty ass phone ill put later but it doesn't do it justice. The fridge was fucking glowing blue, just filled from top to bottom in bud lights aha. Well people start coming, the music is bumping, we are partying getting fucked up. More and more people come and not an hour after the party started i have like 100-150 people at my house. Now my house isnt that big. So madddd people are here, everyone heard about this party somehow so everyone was coming through. Blunts were being passed around left and right, we had the hookah going, people were pulling out fucking cigars and shit aha. People also brought there own drinks and everyone was getting fucked up. I was happy.

    The backyard was poping also, was mad fun in the back aha. Gunna skip abit, its about 12:30ish and we are in the middle of smoking a blunt in my backyard (the original crew that came through early). All of a sudden we hear a huge POOM. We all start running full speed to the front of the house, while i was running i knew exactly what it was. The noise was obviously 2 cars hitting each other. My friend A who i told you to remember earlier in the story, had his 2010 jeep srt8 parked on the side of the road and some stupid bitch hit it full speed. Now how her car was placed made the accident seem as if something impossible just happened. Like it was the weirdest accident ive ever seen, i dont know how her car could of ended up in that position.

    I knew the cops were gunna come so i run back to the deck and i yell dip dip dip. I run inside the house tell everyone to dip also. In 2 seconds flat 150 people were out of sight. People were jumping the fence running into the street and shit. The original crew were staying over so we cleaned up all the beer cans all the drugs everything out of sight in literally 5 minutes. Everything was out of sight We had an assembly line going. We closed all the doors and shut off the lights. I rushed everyone upstairs and we all went into my master bedroom upstairs. It was like 8 of us plus my cousins girl. We are just chilling all in one room mad fucked up, its burning hot, and we can hear the cops outside. We wait like an hour while we watched south park and just talked about the party and shit laughing. After the hour the cops left and a few of my friends left also. Now it was me, jay, my cousin, and my friend i was with all night. We ordered SOOOOOO MUCH dominos it was insane. We smoked a blunt while the dominos arrived and played fifa. The dominos came and we destroyed the food. It was like 3:30am now and i hit up my friend that i didnt see in awhile. He comes through and we hit the bong outside just talking about the night.

    We all pass out and I wake up Saturday at like 11. I wake everyone up and tell them to go to my roof. The 4 of us squeeze through a window onto my roof and smoked a blunt for a wake and bake. It was ill. We were just chilling sitting on my roof smoking a blunt and complaining how the roof felt like sand paper on our asses. We then go back in and played some fifa and continued to smoke more blunts which leads to today.

    Today sucked dick, had to clean a lot of shit and put my furniture back into the house. My house was a fucking MESS. You have no idea. Food everywhere, beer everywhere, keys and phone in the fridge, cigarette and roaches all over the lawn. But it was worth it.

    I got to point yesterday that i just couldn't get any higher. I was so fucked up i just couldn't get anymore fucked up. The party was popppppping. Mad people are still talking about it. So much shit that happened that night that i didn't even list, and pretty sure even more shit that i cant remember, all i know is that i just had a weekend i will never forget about. Ill try and post the pics i took on my phone later.

    Oh yea, and my friends 2010 jeep srt8, totaled. Wheels poped, transmittion broken, its done. Ill try and get pics later.
  2. Good times.
    Lol I got a laugh out of picturing you cusping your hands around your mouth yelling, "Dip! Dip! everybody Dip!
    That sucks about your friends jeep though.
  3. sounds like a night i had awhile ago
  4. you didn't get laid?
  5. like to see the pics, jeep and fridge. nice story though, sounds like you dodged a bullet with the pigs hah:hello::hello::smoking:
  6. ok b4 i even read one letter of this..i just wanna say wtf..but im stoned,and feel like reading it..:cool:
  7. that was actually a sick ass story +rep
  8. Sick story, props for taking the time to make sure it was well written and easily readable (other people fucking take note).

    Sounds like a killer night bro.

  9. dude thats super shitty, i know exactly what position you were in. Me and all my buddies were out at my friends crib which is like 5 minutes into the country, parents were out of town so we threw a massive party. i mean this kid was loaded, huge crib, pool, hot tub, dank ass basement with beer pong and pool going. it was thee sickest party of the year. were all partying from like 9-12:15 ish and randomly, this dudes parents call. i guess out at this house there is a spare house for the farmers and horse trainers like right off the driveway and they called the parents. long story short, the mom threatened to call the cops unless everyone was out in 15 minutes. it sucked, everybody was dripping wet from the pool and had to find their shit and change- it just sucked.
  10. That sounded like a great party, sucks for your friend however.
  11. the party was poppppppppin lol
  12. Is your friends jeep gonna be covered by insurance?

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